Better Team: Golden State Warriors or Houston Rockets?

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Small Forward

Jan 23, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Denver Nuggets shooting guard Andre Iguodala (9) controls the ball during the fourth quarter as Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden (13) defends at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This is one of the positions affected by the offseason moves detailed above. The Warriors’ recent acquisition of Andre Iguodala who will likely replace Harrison Barnes at the starting spot has added depth and talent to this position. The Rockets have one of the most promising young players in the league and one that they have gotten major mileage out of considering that Chandler Parsons was a 2nd round pick. This position was one of the harder ones to judge given the relative statistical similarity of each player.

Andre Iguodala puts up a tremendous statline and truly demonstrates his versatile talents with his numbers. The swingman averaged 13 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists with 1.7 steals and 0.8 blocks per game. He is considered one of the best two-way players in the league with his ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor. His exceptional athleticism manifests itself with his ability to rack up steals and blocks, as well as his ability to deliver thunderous dunks. Though he might be undersized for a true small forward, his strength and speed allow him to still compete in that three-spot.

Parsons is a 24-year-old player that has captured the admiration of both the male and female audiences of the NBA with his spectacular play and boy-band good looks. While Chandsome has only played two seasons in the NBA, his four years at the University of Florida have undoubtedly impacted his maturity and his game. Parsons averaged 15.5 points on an insanely efficient 48.6 percent shooting. He also managed to shoot a great 38.5 percent from beyond the arc on an average of 2 attempts. The Florida product also averaged 5.3 rebounds and 3.5 assists and one steal to top it off. Parsons has shown a lot of potential and will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

Both players are tremendously talented players that elevated their games during the playoffs and they both have aspects of their game that seem to defy their size. Iguodala’s excellent rebounding for a 6’6’’ swingman and Parsons three-point marksmanship for a 6’9’’ forward. Overall, Iguodala has a more complete game on both sides of the court so I have to give him the slight advantage.

Edge: Warriors

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  • Nicholas Mcilroy

    Beverly is not a better sixth man than Barnes. It’s not even close.

    • Dhara Taheripour

      Thanks for the read.

      While I think Harrison Barnes is a better player than Patrick Beverley, I think the PG will be a better a Sixth Man because his impact off the bench will be much more stated. When Barnes comes in for Iguodala, we won’t see a humongous change as they are both great defenders and even better finishers, whereas Beverley has the defensive instinct that Jeremy Lin lack and provides instant defense off the bench to the Rockets.

      • Nicholas Mcilroy

        Thanks for the response Dhara.

        Yeah I think that Patrick Beverley is a great player and benefits from Jeremy Lin’s shortcomings. I read an article where someone said Lin should come off of the bench, I think it was on Hoopsworld and it made a lot of sense.

        The reality is that Barnes is a wing, and a wing is a wing. He is not limited to replacing Iguodala, he can also come off the bench for Klay and Andre can switch to the two spot or come in for Lee and play a small ball line-up, which was very effective in the playoffs.

        Barnes’ overall addition to the Warriors will be far greater than the slight boost from Beverley’s 3 and D. Patrick is a role player and Barnes is start quality.

        So although I can see your points, I think that you’re looking at Barnes’ contributions in terms of him being a 3, when he is far more flexible.

        • Jah

          Asik and Lin will both come off the bench. That’s two starter-quality players with the 2nd unit. Just another reason the Warriors does not win the edge with the Bench.

          And if we sign Stephen Jackson, that’s 3 starter-quality players with the 2nd unit. The Warriors simply can’t match up with all that experience. The Rockets win this match-up easily… I’ve been saying.

          None of the L.A. teams pose a threat to the Rockets. Not the Lakers, not the Clippers, not the Warriors and not the Kings. We only see the Spurs and Thunders as a threat from the West.

          • Nicholas Mcilroy

            First of all, I wasn’t talking about the bench. Stephen Jackson is a negative. He’s slow, can’t defend and he can’t score. He’s also a negative locker room guy on a team with a pre-Madonna center.

            Asik is starting quality, but he doesn’t want to play behind Howard, so he’s not going to be as good coming off the bench. Most likely he’ll be traded for a quality starting 4.

            Alright, so Lin comes off the bench.. he’s decent in a JR Smith role, but he’s also not as good as Barnes.

            Multiple people have already responded to you Jah, and it’s clear that you don’t really fully grasp just how good the Warriors are.

            Let’s face some facts. Warriors were better than the Rockets last year, since they beat the 3rd seed and the Rockets got destroyed. So they’ve upgraded their starting five, but their bench is full of mediocre to outright bad bench players.

            The Dubs would never play Reggie Williams and he wouldn’t even make their roster. Yet you seem to think he’s a household name.

            Patrick Beverly = Toney Douglas. These guys are seriously very similar.

            Mo Speights is underrated, Jermaine O’Neal is a great two way player, Draymond Green is a great glue guy and a tremendous defender, Kent Bazemore is a stopper on defense, Nemanja Nedovic has got tons of upside and destroyed Goran Dragic recently playing against Slovenia.

            And that’s just the bench!

            The Warriors have chemistry and are coming off a great year where they pushed everyone’s expectations including mine.

            The Rockets got much much better this offseason by signing Dwight without giving anything up and are poised for a great year.

            But the Warriors have a better front office, a better ownership, and a better coach. They also have better chemistry and the Rockets are doing everything they can to screw that up.

            I hope the Rockets glue and play good basketball, I’m tired of all the Dwight criticism that goes around. I hope he puts it all together.

            But if you think the Warriors are not a threat, than you’re smoking something strong.

          • Jah

            Dude, your argument is not credible. If the Warriors have a better FO, explain to me how the Rockets FO stole Harden from the Thunders when even the Thunders didn’t think Harden was that good nor the rest of the league for that matter.

            Yet, the Rockets easily saw he was a Superstar talent by signing him to 5 years/80 millions. His worth was at 60 millions and the Thunders only wanted to commit 54 millions to retain his service.

            Don’t sit there and tout your team having a better FO when they only go after “established” players while the Rockets use an analysis-based approach that’s unique in assessing any player potential, and a lot of NBA FOs are duplicating what the Rockets are doing. That’s recognition, dude.

            And then the fact we put ourselves in position to land the best Big Man in the League in Dwight Howard. If he’s a “pre-Moddona”, why was your team FO all on his nutsack to get him this summer? They were willing to break-up their core to get Howard while we were able to keep ALL of our core players, including Asik and JLin. We only moved Thomas Robinson and cut a couple of non-guarantee contracts to create the cap space needed to sign Howard. That’s the sign of a competent FO that knows what the hell they’re doing. They wouldn’t have broken up their core to land Howard like the Warriors was about to do until Howard told them flat-out that he wasn’t joining them.

            As far as your bench players, it just a matter of opinions. The fact still stands, we beat your squad, 3-1 with the same bench players. So, how are you better than us??

            In the Playoffs, it’s all about match-ups. I think the Warriors did well against the Grizzlies and we struggle against the Grizzlies but we can beat you guys easily. It’s all about the match-up.

            Not that we have two elite defender in Howard and Asik, we can more than challenge them. The Rockets are still better than the Warriors, though.

          • Nicholas Mcilroy

            Your team uses metrics and you think that’s a big deal? You think they were the first team to do that?

            Memphis gives every team fits, because they play grind it out basketball. Grind it out, defensive based basketball. Guess what signing Iguodala to a BELOW market rate did for the Warriors? Guess what signing a bench that plays grind it out, defensive basketball did for the Warriors?

            Maybe you don’t quite grasp what it’s like to be a fan of a struggling team and then finally land in a spot where the ownership buys in, the general manager buys in, the coach buys in, and the players buy in, because that is what has happened with the Warriors. I’m sorry that you don’t fully grasp how much the Warriors franchise has struggled over the past twenty years, but there’s no two ways around it, they’ve built a strong core of talent and surrounded them with complimentary pieces that balance out the roster.

            I get it that the average fan doesn’t understand defense or building a balanced team. I understand that you think that just adding Dwight Howard and James Harden will make the Rockets instant contenders, but the reality is that the best team on paper doesn’t really mean much. The rockets have yet to prove that they can bang with the big boys. The Warriors have already shown they deserve a place at the table. Their core is still intact and it doesn’t matter that the Warriors did not get Dwight Howard. They got a top five wing defender and a complimentary piece. Please, keep sleeping on the Warriors. Average fans slept on the Warriors last season, and look how much damage they did.

            By the way. The rockets even with Dwight Howard still don’t have any defense on the perimeter beyond Patrick Beverley, so I’m not sure how they’ll get deep into the playoffs, let alone win a championship this coming season.

          • Jah

            Dude, you continue to make incoherent arguments. We don’t use metric, we use a statistical-base approach where, we crunch numbers, analytic data to find those gems. This is something above your grade-level since you are a simple-minded fanboy and can’t fathom complex data to gauge a player’s potential worth.

            Look at our track record of finding gems in the 2nd round who turns out to be quality starters to borderline All-star players.

            Aaron Brooks
            Chase Budinger
            Chandler Parsons
            Nicolas Batum
            Rudy Gay

            Of course we had some busts and misses too but we did well coming out of the Yao/Tmac era and not having to rebuild instead, staying a middle-of-the-pack team while flipping for upgrades.

            Our turnaround is one of the quickest ever without having to do long term rebuilding. Your FO took YEARS to get where you are today. We never had to hit rock bottom, and when we blew up the team, we bounce right back in that same season and made the Playoffs.

            I sti don’t get your “better Bench” argument. Iguodala is just one man. We have 4 defensive players. Two are starters in Howard and Parsons and two on the bench in Asik and P.Beverly (if JLin is the starter).

            If we make Beverly the starter, that 3 defensive players that can do damage. This argument is really silly though because most Western Conference teams are defensive-minded teams….at least the top 8 teams in the West. So, most of the West teams will be a qualitu defensive team than teams in the East.

            Now that we got Howard (and Asik) we can put out “elite level” defense for 48 minutes. Elite Level. No other team have those perks like the Rockets have with Howard and Asik.

            You sure you want to compare Iguodala, defensively, with Howard let alone, Asik? Get out of here, boy!


          • Nicholas Mcilroy

            “you continue to make incoherent arguments. ”

            please specify what is incoherent so I can clear things up for you.

            “you are a simple-minded fanboy”

            thanks? Whats funny is that you never even responded to my initial comment that Patrick Beverly is not as good as Harrison Barnes, but you turned this into your rant about how I’m a fanboy. why are you even on this forum if you’re going to stoop to personal insults? I thought metric stats were the meat and bread of statistical analysis. Stuff that the Grizzlies use such as PER, wins shared, RAPM, true shooting percentage, etc. Warrior’s front office have adopted this, but they also brought aboard Jerry West, who is the best all time at talent evaluating. Warriors picked a starting caliber 2 guard at 11 (Klay Thompson), who has already passed the ceiling that other scouts projected him at and a starting wing at number 7 who has shown glimpses of being a super star in a few years.

            “Look at our track record of finding gems in the 2nd round who turns out to be quality starters to borderline All-star players.”

            okay, let me break down these players for you, because you claim they are just outside of the top 30 players in the NBA.

            Aaron Brooks, last year ESPN ranked him 189th in the NBA. That puts him in the category of sixth man on the bench for the 2012-2013 season, except he took a step back last year so now he’s a role player, bench warmer. Oh and he was drafted in the first round, 27th overall.
            Chase Budinger was a steel in the draft, but he was drafted by the Pistons… and they traded a first round pick (18th) for him. So essentially he is also a first round pick, because that is what he cost them.
            Chandler Parsons is the only guy so far who comes even close to your claim. The problem is, he is not even close to playing on an All-Star team, and what’s funny is that Harrison Barnes will surpass him this year.
            Nicolas Batum selected 25th in the first round and they lost via free agency. He is closer to an All-Star than anyone so far, but he’s still a ways away.
            Rudy Gay was selected 8th overall in first round. He’s a chucker with tons of athleticism. It’s not hard to see why they picked him, and it had ZERO to do with “advanced analyzing”

            Okay, so you have one person that fits your claim of second round steal and the rest is just fluff. I can’t believe I just spent 15 minutes of my life proving that your arguments are hot air.

            “Your FO took YEARS to get where you are today.”

            I know. That’s why I said it. I’m saying that you don’t understand how to be a fan of a struggling franchise, because you don’t understand what it takes to be a real fan. It’s easy to like a successful franchise or jump on when things get good again. that’s great that the Rockets had a fast turn around.. I’m glad you know how to brag about your franchise. I’ll stick to my Warriors though, since I appreciate what they’ve done that much more.

            So you say the Rockets are going to have a top notch defense this next year? Lets look at this.

            We have 4 defensive players. Two are starters in Howard and Parsons and two on the bench in Asik and P.Beverly (if JLin is the starter).

            Lets start with the returning players that you claim to be defensive minded players.

            Chandler Parsons posted a -0.25 RAPM on offense and 0.12 RAPM defense. This means that when he’s on the floor the team scores less, but makes more stops. This means he’s an overall negative on the floor, but I’ll give you that he plays defense.

            Lets compare that to Andre Iguodala who’s offensive RAPM was 0.72 last year and his defensive RAPM was 3.33!! woahh… look at that!! he’s a stud! Wow. These are called metric stats. I’m glad you know what you’re talking about though.

            Okay, lets move on to round two. Patrick Beverly. His offensive RAPM was 0.97, which is decent for coming off the bench, but he posted a -0.54 defensive RAPM. That’s not a possitive. What’s interesting is that Jeremy Lin’s defensive RAPM is -0.16, which is still negative, but better than Beverlys.

            Finally, the one player on your team that plays elite defense is Omer Asik. He posted -0.82 on offense and a pretty impressive 5.37 defense RAPM. That’s impressive stuff right there. So you get 1.5 out of 3 for returning players, not to mention the rest of the rockets posted TERRIBLE defensive ratings. For example Donatas Motiejunas offensive RAPM was -0.58 and his defensive RAPM was -3.09. Even James Harden posted -0.89 for defensive RAPM. He’s a worse defender than Jeremy Lin!

            The Rockets outside of Omer Asik did not play defense last year, which is why they were 28th in the league last year opponent points per game. Simple enough stat, that you can understand in case you don’t understand RAPM.

            Before I forget, they added Dwight Howard whose offensive RAPM was -0.78 and his defensive RAPM was 6.32 last. Another elite defender, except him and Omer Asik won’t be on the floor at the same time. And there are zero quality wing defenders outside of Parsons. So the Rockets will go as far as Dwight Howard will take them, with actually some great insurance in Omer Asik. Really, they’ll need all the help they can get with a starting 1-2 that plays very little defense and no defensive 4 in sight. The Rockets will be forced to play Asik next to Dwight and like I said earlier, he doesn’t want to play that role. And it will ruin the offense since they’ll clog the lanes and make it impossible for Lin or Harden’s slashing games to find their full potential. This is why the Rockets will most likely trade Omer Asik for a stretch four or start Donatas Motiejunas, Terrence Jones, or Francisco Garcia. All of which will significantly weaken their defense.

            In regards to the Warriors defense, they have Andrew Bogut who posted a 3.92 defensive RAPM last year when he was struggling to come back from injury, and although his offense was rusty, he finally has a healthy offseason this year to polish his hook shot and come back ready to more of a positive on that end of the floor.

            Warriors also have Draymond Green and Festus Ezeli who both posted an identical 0.96 defensive RAPM. That’s better than all but the twin towers on the Rockets.

            Okay, so let’s sum this up so you get why I just wasted another 30 minutes explaining things. The Warriors now have two elite defenders, and by elite I mean top five at their positions in Iguodala and Bogut. The Rockets have two elite defensive players at the SAME position in Asik and Dwight. The Rockets then have a ton of bellow average to outright bad at defense players and a few league average defenders.

            The Warriors have a bench full of hard nosed defenders in Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green, and Jermaine O’Neal (3.55 DRAPM btw). Not to mention Klay Thompson last year consistently shut down the best player on the other team.

            Lets look at this with one more quick stat so you understand it from a different angle that the Warriors are now an elite defensive team.

            Andrew Bogut: 1.8 DefEff Rating

            David Lee: 1.0 DefEff Rating

            Harrison Barnes: 1.5 DefEff Rating

            Klay Thompson: 1.1 DefEff Rating

            Stephen Curry: -3.0 DefEff Rating

            Festus Ezeli: -0.5 DefEff Rating

            Draymond Green: 2.1 DefEff Rating

            Andre Igoudala: 4.0 DefEff Rating

            Toney Douglas: 5.0 DefEff Rating

            Marreese Speights: -3.3 DefEff Rating

            Jermaine O Neal: 4.0 DefEff Rating

            Thanks for learning why you should take the Warriors seriously as a threat this next season. Yes, they are this good.

  • Jah

    This crap is” Warriors delusionalism.” All you Warriors fans need to know is who won the head-to-head match ups during the regular season? And didn’t we blow out the Warriors in one of those meets where we dropped 23 three-points and set a record on the Warriors’ asses?

    Final Result–

    Rockets: 3 wins
    Warriors: 1 win

    Another thing, Andre Iguodala averages 13 points. Parsons averaged 15 points during the regular season. He topped that to 18 points during the Playoffs. Yet, this delusional Warriors fan give the edge to the Warriors. Lol.

    And with the Bench, the Warriors have an unknown bench yet, the Rockets have some household names in Brooks, Camby, Asik, Casspi, R. Williams, DMO and rumored to be signing Stephen Jacksons.

    Yet, this delusional Warrior fan give the edge to unproven “nobodies” on the Warriors’ bench. Lol.

    The Rockets easily when this match-up, hands down. I give the Warriors the better the PG and the better Coach. That’s it. Every other positions goes to the Rockets, easily.

    • benbrung

      You got off to a decent start with the point about last year’s head-to-head record. Then you ironically said it’s delusional to think Iguodala is better than Parsons because of total points and you lost all credibility. I think arguing fantasy sports would be a better fit for you than trying to evaluate Iguodala whose importance as a player is widely considered to be least statistically quantifiable in a game where statistical measures of defense are pathetically antiquated and, frankly, laughable.

    • Dhara Taheripour

      Thanks for the read.

      If you actually finished the article, I say that even though I gave the Warriors the comparative edge, I specifically said that I didn’t think that would decide a game. I just wanted to do a position by position analysis. Take for example the difference between Klay Thompson and James Harden is big enough that if outweighs the slight advantages in the Warriors’ Bench and Small Forward. This is not a diss to the Rockets and clearly they won last season’s series, rather an intersting way to compare both teams going forward.

      Also If you think Marreese Speights, Jermaine O’Neal (multiple All-Star) and Toney Douglas are “nobodies”, I suggest you actually do your research. Like Benbrung responds below, it’s not all about points for the Small Forward position, it’s about contributing across the board. What Iguodala may lack in points (which is a byproduct of demanding less touches), he makes up for in rebounding, assists and phenomenal defense.

      Before you call anyone delusional, you should look in the mirror.

      • Jah

        How do you claim to want to do a position by position analysis and then give the Warriors the edge when you feel it does not make much of a difference??? That makes ZERO sense.

        What’s so comical about it, the Rockets own the Warriors in the head-to-head matchup. And several of you Warriors fans criticizing me on the Iguodala/Parsons comparison. You give Iguodala the edge because of defense? Did you know even Kobe praised Parsons’ defense??? Just saying, man.

        If you post up the stats of 13 ppg vs. 18 ppg to any sensible NBA fans and adding that the 13 ppg player has “elite” defense while the 18 ppg player has “good” defense, who you think gets the edge??

        This is why I called it delusional. Wasn’t trying to be insulting but this is a homer analysis to overlook a head-to-head result between the two team while the Rockets just added Dwight Howard and got that much better and yet, the Warrior win the edge over the Rockets in all position.

        No sensible NBA fan will see that except Warriors fans, dude. Your team is NOT better than the Rockets. They can compete, but they are not better than the Rockets in any of the positions outside of the PG and Coach. We beat you guys 3-1.

        That can’t be overlooked simply because you added Iguodala. C’mom, now. I mean, we added Dwight Howard! Hahaha…..smh.

        • Dhara Taheripour

          Did you read the article? Because it does not seem that way. I am doing position by position analysis. I’m not claiming this will be indicative of a head to head matchup anywhere in the article. I challenge you to find one part in the article that I say the Warriors would definitively beat the Rockets because they lead in 5 of the 9 categories. This was not a an article about what would happen in a real game. This is just comparing category by category. Whether or not one team is better as a whole is not relevant to this discussion.

          The point of this article was to go position by position and say which person I thought was better currently. It seems as though your major sticking point is with Iguodala vs Parsons. Iguodala is an Olympian, supremely athletic and he has a great motor. You cherry pick stats but let’s look at both persons stats during the Playoffs ( ( You can clearly see that while Parsons averaged a mere 0.2 points more per game, Iguodala got more 8 rebounds to Parsons 6.3, 5.3 assists to Parsons 3.5 and 2 steals to Parsons 1 steal. Look at the stats. You can’t argue with numbers.

          Look, i’m a big Parsons fan. I took him on my fantasy team, I think he will develop into a great player. But the fact of the matter is currently, Iguodala is better. End of discussion. Period. Before you respond, I implore you to find actual statistical backing to support your points.

          • Jah

            Dude, Parsons is a 3rd year player. Iguodala is a veteran. The comparison is a bit silly. In terms of who help their team more, Parsons has more upside as a younger player.

            Sure, I’d pick Iguodala when he was younger, playing with the Sixers but right now, he’s in his early 30s. Parson has more room to grow. I think the edge goes to the Rockets, period.

            And I see no point in arguing positions per player when basketball is a team-sport. This is why I continue to hammer home the head-to-head matchup. So, you give 5 positions to the Warriors and 4 to the Rockets and expect your readers to not take that as an outcome who would win a regular season meetings? C’mon dude, who are you fooling???

            I’m sure you took a swipe at my Rockets that the Warriors are a better team when they are not. You can compare by category all you want. It still stands that the Rockets beat the Warriors in a head-to-head matchup, 3-1.

            Until the Warriors can reverse that, the Rockets are the better team. Period.

          • Dhara Taheripour

            An article is an article. I never claimed it was about head to head matchups. In fact I specifically say “Now this does not necessarily mean the Warriors would win a game, but is merely meant as a comparative analysis between the two franchises.” and if you read the article all the way through you would have said that.

            The fact that Parsons has more upside is irrelevant, we are talking about right now and the next time they play. Don’t try to back out of this now that you know you are wrong. You tried to claim that current Parsons is better than current Iguodala and I have proved you incorrect. You can’t just say “oh Parsons will be better in several seasons.” You essentially concede that I made the right choice in the small forward category.

            Also you keep bringing back the 3-1 record. There were only two blowouts; one for the Rockets 140-109 and one for the Warriors 108-78. The other two games that the Warriors lost were extremely close and were within single digits when the game ended. These teams are a lot closer than you think and you can’t just use the 3-1 number as an end-all argument for which team is better.

            At the end of the day, you are as a big a Rockets fan as I am a Warriors fan so I can’t really sway you one way or another. I just hope you understand that a lot of your absolute statements such as Parsons is better than Iguodala and the Rockets are absolutely a better team than the Warriors are incorrect and not based in facts.

          • Jah

            Your argument still lacks its’ salt. You the one doing the individual analysis. I’m the one trying to show you how meaningless it is because of it being a team sport. So, is Iguodala gonna lockdown James Harden, Dwight Howard, Chandler Parsons simultaneously?

            The fact you think you won something is laughable. I’m sitting comfortable in my position that the Rockets beat the Warriors 3-1 in the regular season meets.

            You can downplay it all you want, it’s still in the books, dude. And logically, it make sense to look back at the regular season meets to see which team has the edge going forward. No sensible NBA fan will put a lot of stock in a “comparative analysis” —– they look at the head to head meet.

            Tell me, what are you trying to prove with this category comparison between the Warriors and the Rockets? If you look around at other articles on Fansided and Bleacher Report, experts have the Rockets at 3 in the Western Conference standings and the Warriors at 4. Some have the Warriors at 5 and 6 too, with the Rockets going no lower than 4.

            When they base their analysis, they look at the pieces added and how the team performed the season before. Position by Position comparison means nothing when the strength as a team overrides any individual comparison.

            So again, what are you trying to prove by giving the Warriors the edge over the Rockets???? We beat you guys, 3-1 man. Why can’t you understand that, until the Warriors beat us in a season meetings, this sort of bashing by putting your team as the favorites invites criticism with more substantive evidence……and that’s the 3-1 bullying the Rockets did to the Warriors.

            Don’t think we can’t do it again now that we added D. Howard. We will. You have to bow down. The Warriors are not the better team. We are.

            This sort of argument by you should leveled at the Lakers. Not us. You Warriors fans should know better, man.

          • Dhara Taheripour

            Again you seem to miss the point and I do not want to waste my time further. Its all analysis. There are different types of analysis. Holistic, head to head as you call it analysis and comparative analysis. I chose to write about the latter.

            Where do I say the Warriors will beat the Rockets? Where do I say they will have the higher seed than the Rockets? I personally see the Rockets at 4 and Warriors at 5. That’s not the point of this article. It was just a way of comparing players, benchs, coaches and front offices in a 1v1 way. It really doesn’t matter which TEAM overall is better because that’s not what I sought out to write about. You can argue about the merits about what I said which you so far haven’t other than the meaningless Parsons claims, but you continue to bring it back to this 3-1, Rockets-better-than-the-Warriors issue. That’s not what I sought out to write and that’s not the argument we should even be having.

            Even if you don’t buy everything above, at the end of the day, the Rockets are maybe just a marginally better team than the Warriors. They both rely on their guards getting hot and their big men being healthy and doing work. They will no doubt be in tight competition this year over the same playoff spots.

            Just as a final point to this discussion; the Rockets lost in 6 games against a Westbrook-less Thunder. The Warriors advanced past the first round and lost against the eventual WCF champions in 6 games without their lone All-Star in David Lee.

            Thanks for engaging in this debate with me.

          • Jah

            Fair enough. You welcome.

          • Peter Samaras

            jah you sure do talk a lot of crap Houston couldn’t even get past a westbrookless thunder team in the playoffs keep dreaming pal hope you have fun watching your rockets lose to the warriors this upcoming season lol

          • Robert Paulson

            wait so was this entire argument about Parsons vs Iguodala?…Parsons has a more polished mid-range/outside game…but that’s about it…Iguodala is a better penetrator offensively, better passer, defender, rebounder, etc. Anyone who thinks Parsons is better than Iguodala is completely delusional

  • Pepe Battle Jr.

    I believe Barnes will be better sixth man. Nonetheless, the Warriors have the better bench, they are better defensively, and they score just as the Rockets can. Also, I think this writer is very underrating what a healthy Bogut is capable of. If he gives us a healthy season the Warriors can go as far as anybody in the league. Let’s not focus on that 3-1 edge the Rockets had over the Warriors last year. That was LAST YEAR. With a healthy Bogut and Iguodala in the starting five our lineup is CLEARLY better than last year. Warriors are better.

    • Dhara Taheripour

      Thanks for the read.

      As I respond above, there is a difference between “better player” and “better Sixth Man”. I think Barnes is a better player, but Beverley brings defense off the bench for the Rockets which they don’t really have at the perimeter considering Lin and Harden’s defensive deficits.

      I am a big Bogut fan and if you read the rest of my articles, I expound his strength as a center. That being said, Dwight Howard is undoubtedly better, and you could say the say thing about Bogut being healthy to Dwight as well. Even if both are in peak condition and in their prime, I think any sensible person has to give the advantage to Howard. That being said, I think what Bogut may lack on the offensive side and his ability to run pick and rolls like Howard, he can at least match D12 somewhat defensively and anchor our team next year.

      • Pepe Battle Jr.

        I just see better upside with Barnes, and I think he will improve on the defensive side of the ball. As for right now you do have to say Howard is better. He’s the best center in the league imo, but If Bogut gives Warriors a healthy season that is going to be a HUGE difference maker. Not to mention having Klay and Iguodala proving excellent perimeter defense. The Rockets just don’t match up with the Warriors defensively, and I think that will make the difference. I see the Warriors taking the 3rd or 4th seed. Your opinion is respected sir. Here’s to a great season.

        • Dhara Taheripour

          Absolutely. I think Iguodala is going to make a huge defensive impact for the Warriors as will Toney Douglas. Losing Mike Malone who was our defensive savant will hurt, but I think it’s helpful to have naturally defensive guys like Dre and Douglas who can help fill in the void of having someone like Malone crafting intricate defensive sets.

  • Jim213


    A lot of credit for the Warriors success has to be given to Jerry West (consultant). Even owners/management have acknowledged his major influence on them in making tough decisions which benefits the team today. I see GSW finishing at a higher seed than H-Town given last year’s playoff run that (helped 2 build team confidence/chemistry) and with the current pickup acquisitions.

    • Dhara Taheripour

      Thanks for the read.

      You are absolutely right and unfortunately there wasn’t a part in the article to weigh his impact. His impact cannot be understated and he has been one of the major inputs when it comes to draft picks. In fact, the decision to select Klay Thompson is accredited to Mr. West.

      • Jim213

        Although, J West is with the GSW today, I have to wish him the best given the 7 championships that he helped the Lakers to get though I’d also throw in the last 5 for (Kobe/Shaq) franchise players = 12 championships. The 3rd Greatest Laker of All Time and the All Time Basketball GM. Aside of Mr. Logo, see y’all in preseason.