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Why the Golden State Warriors Will Win the Championship in 2013-2014 (Part 3)

Mar 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Kent Bazemore (20) looks to pass the ball during the second half against the Chicago Bulls at Oracle Arena. Chicago won 113-95. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

What is it, my birthday? I stopped counting at 50 “Ride or Die…” influenced Golden State Warriors Mixes. Downloaded all of em… Righteous. (Part 2 here)

Who came back from the dead last season? Jermaine O’Neal. With the assistance of world renowned Dr. Peter Wehling, famous for the development of Regenokine. The six foot eleven inch tall 255 pound man was able to move without pain last season. As a matter of fact, this is the first summer Jermaine hasn’t had to rehab in four seasons.

Now what does O’Neal bring to the Warriors exactly? The veteran leadership that only a six time All-Star, three time All-NBA player who was once a consistent twenty point scorer in this league can. J.O. knows the game inside out. He plays both sides of the ball equally well. Most importantly Jermaine O’Neal possesses the play recognition of a Starting NFL quarterback.

Defensively, J.O. averaged two blocks per game for ten straight years. He can still take the ball right outta the air on you. He’s vocal – he’ll wave the finger at you. His physicality will be the first thing you notice he brings to the court. Jermaine’s ability to switch screens seamlessly around the basket is going to be a world beating aspect he’ll quietly bring to team.

Offensively O’Neal is going to throw disciplined moves at you, such as an opposite foot pivot approach that defenders just don’t see enough to know how to guard. J.O. in the post gets real wide, making for an excellent target for the entry pass. Once he receives the ball, name a player that uses his elbows to maintain his space better. Jermaine’s footwork is that of a soccer player, he can teach everyone on the team a thing or two about footwork just going up against them in practice.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you “Master Splinter.”

Intangible- Honor. Last season Jermaine O’Neal was given the option to come play for us. He decided it would make a bad example leaving a Suns team so young.

Picture a cape on which there is a picture of a Warrior that reminds you of Superman. “Clark” Kent Bazemore. Kent has reminded me of a young Latrell Sprewell since I first saw him play… in last years Summer League. As the best player on that team for two years running and having a Superman-esque fourteen and zero record, who’s to argue he isn’t in fact the “Man of Steel” as opposed to the “Man of Summer” ?

Defensively, he’s better than Spreewell… he soars to block shots. He has range with the ability to hound three positions. He’s active, scrappy, and never gives up on plays as evident by his heroic effort to get back on Manu Ginobli in the playoffs. He could be a man to man stopper for the Warriors next season.

Offensively, Supes’ always seems to be in flight. Fading, firing… forget about it! Why is it lefty’s always seem to be smoother?

Intangible- He’s from another Planet.

Who is the European Rook and what’s he all about? Nemanja Nedovic. Listed at six feet four inches tall this twenty one year old combo guard from Serbia can flat out fly. He has 41″ hops. His brand reminds me of “Thunder” Dan Majerle , whom I was fortunate enough to meet in person ten years ago on a Spring training trip. He’s strong, loves to dunk and storms can brew when he’s behind the three point arc. He possesses a sense of calm about him running the point. Here’s the best “getting to know you” video I’ve found of his game.

So I’m suggesting “Thunder” Nemaja Nedovic as a nickname for him. With him and Bogut, we now have the “Thunder Brothers.”

Who did I save for last…? Hulk Smash!  If the man who tried to name Barnes and Iggy the “Smash Brothers” wants to play me in 2K14 with the team of his choice, I’ll be the Warriors. This friendly match is for rights on who does the smashing around here. I’ll give you a week after the game comes out to figure out how to beat a one time top 25 player in the world at the game. Festus “Hulk” Ezeli was nicknamed the day he was drafted by the Warriors… by me. Said he’d run through walls for this team and he did, playing in 90 games and starting 44.

Defensively, the “Blue and Gold Hulk”… you didn’t know, watch Planet Hulk… is a mythological man. He’s everywhere –  able to cut off driving lanes at the last second and he can play the pick and roll. Most of all, I love seeing “Hulk Sonic Clap” when he blocks a shot.

Rebounding: great rebounders are born. Rebounding is 50% mechanics 50% heart. You have to want it. Hulk has it. Break out the construction hats in tribute to Larry Smith already. He boxes out like Rodman. A great rebounder doesn’t have to be a great leaper, and I’m not saying Hulk doesn’t have any hops. He’s got it all… strength, hops,heart.

Intangible- Under the right tutelage. he will be working hard to get back into shape for the late season push. The wheels will be greased once the playoffs start.

Don’t forget about “En Fuego Jr.” Seth Curry. He’s got something to bring to this team whether it’s a little post game or a three point shot.

As Coach Mark Jackson said – “It’s the players that win the games.” I’m not going to stop there because we’ve got a whole lot more going for us… Part 4 coming soon.

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