Jul 22, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Kent Bazemore looks to dribble past Phoenix Suns center Arinze Onuaku during the NBA Summer League Championship game at the Thomas and Mack Center. Golden State won the game 91-77 to remain undefeated during the Summer League games. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors: Early Training Camp Headlines


We are less than five days away from the start of the NFL season! What that means is that not long after the NFL season begins, the NBA season will do the same! During the early half of the NFL season, NBA players are starting to prepare for their grueling season. The preparation and work that is put in during training camp and then preseason makes a major difference to every team as practices are few and far between during the heart of the season. With all this being said we look ahead to some early training camp headlines for the Warriors.

Who will start at the small forward spot?

Will it be the improved youngster Harrison Barnes or will it be the Warriors  high-priced free agent acquisition Andre Iguodala? Both are excellent NBA player that will only help the Warriors. But one will start at the three and the other will in turn be relegated to the sixth man role. Either way it is a win-win for the Warriors but the starting spot is up for grabs.

Will Seth Curry make the team?

Here’s a riddle. What difference does one letter make to the Warriors? The answer is, that one letter, P makes Seth turn into Steph. As in Steph Curry, the man that averaged 22.9 points and 6.9 assists per game while shooting lights out percentages and leading the Warriors into the second round of the playoffs. The Curry without the P, Seth went undrafted and was recently signed to the team on a training camp only contract. But if Seth performs well, then the Warriors would have an actual brothers tandem ontop of the Splash Brothers.

Will the Warriors trade David Lee?

It’s no secret that the Warriors are open to trading David Lee. While Lee has been an incredibly productive player during his short tenure with the Warriors, he is more dispensible after the arrival of Andre Iguodala and after the surprising run the Warriors made in the playoffs practically without any production from Lee. Lee has been linked to numerous teamed at different points of the summer and it will be interesting to see if the Warriors pull the trigger.

How will Ognjen Kuzmic and Kent Bazemore help the Warriors in 2013-14?

I link the two players together as Bazemore gave little actual  on-court production to the Warriors last season, ( he gave a ton of moral production with his dancing and towel waving.  Watch the NBA 2k14 promo and notice how there is a shot of Bazemore dancing.) Kuzmic, the Bosnian center is ready to join the Warriors and hopefully give them some production next season. Anything Kuzmic brings will be extra but important as you can’t guarentee a ton of games out of Jermaine O’Neal and who knows how much actual production Marresse Speights will bring next season. With Festus Ezili still injured and David Lee coming back from a hip injury, Kuzmic could be key.

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  • Alec Safreno

    I would say that David Lee trade rumors or scenarios are going to die down until at least after the All-Star break. This is not going to be an issue during training camp.

    The battle for the starting small forward is more about Klay vs Harrison rather than Igoudala vs Barnes. Iguodala can slide over and play the 2-guard, but regardless he’s starting, based on his defense alone. Despite that, he can also open up the offense with his ability to slash and finish at the rim. Look for the battle of Klay vs Harrison during camp.

    I’d also say that Ognjen Kuzmic is almost a guaranteed D-league player this season. He’ll do what Bazemore and Green did last year, shuttling up and down between Santa Cruz and Oakland thoughout the season. If Jermine O’Neal can’t stay healthy then Kuzmic will have a shot to find his way into the rotation.

    Seth may also end up on that same path, but he’s got a slightly better chance at sticking with the team. The Warriors need more 3-point shooting, and if he can prove to be a knock down shooter like he was in college, then look for him to wiggle his way into the rotation.

    The real bench battle is going to be Nedovic vs Bazemore. Nedovic is faster, and can handle the ball a bit better as well as play make, and Bazemore is can finish just as well, maybe has a slightly better shot, but can lock down on defense with his incredibly long wing span.

    • Ben Pickman

      I think your point about Nedovic and Bazemore is a good one and will definitely be another story line this training camp. Good additional point.