November 12, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond (0) dribbles the ball against Golden State Warriors power forward David Lee (10) during the first quarter at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Why The Warriors Should Target Andre Drummond

To both casual NBA fans and die-hard Golden State Warriors fans alike, two glaring issues for the Warriors became more and more apparent as the 2013-2014 season progressed and the postseason came to an end.

The front office’s release of Mark Jackson and subsequent hiring of new head coach Steve Kerr addressed the first issue: the lack of strategic coaching and in-game management. The other issue was the lack of frontcourt depth for the Warriors, which was greatly compromised by the injuries to Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli. Although Draymond Green fought tooth and nail with Blake Griffin and Jermaine O’Neal turned back the clock during his extended playing time in their playoff opener, this is clearly not a long-term solution for the Dubs.

As the Spurs continue to bask in the Finals limelight, it is only fitting the Warriors attempt to take a few pages out of their book. Some key takeaways from the Finals are that taking high-percentage shots offensively and protecting the rim defensively are paramount to winning ball games. The Spurs free-flowing offense led to a laughable amount of good open looks, but having elite finishers at the rim such as Tony Parker and Tim Duncan didn’t hurt either. As currently constructed, the Warriors can hope to emulate this type of fluid offensive philosophy with the Splash Brothers on the receiving end of catch and shoot opportunities from selfless players and skilled passers such as Green, Andre Iguodala, and even Steve Blake.

Although landing Kevin Love would be the biggest move in recent Warriors history, the Timberwolves may be asking for too many assets. And while the possibility of watching Curry and Love pick and pop all season is tantalizing, Love doesn’t alleviate some of the Warriors’ biggest concerns. The Warriors need rim protection and guys who can finish at the rim. It’s safe to say Love didn’t become a top 10 player in the league for his defense.

“Although landing Kevin Love would be the biggest move in recent Warriors history, the Timberwolves may be asking for too many assets.”

Andrew Bogut being injured is nothing new and is something the Dubs need a contingency plan for. With Ezeli recovering from a season-long injury and still far from a finished product, it would make sense for the Warriors to target the productive Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons. Only 20 years old, he’s already become a monster two-way player with the numbers to back it up. Perhaps most importantly, Drummond is extremely durable as he only missed one game and played significant minutes through the year.

Trailing only DeAndre Jordan, Drummond made 62.3% of his field goal attempts last season. He scores in similar ways as Jordan too with put-backs and tip dunks, fueled by his high motor.

On the other end, he ferociously defends the rim with 1.62 blocks a game, putting him at 10th in the league.

To pull this off, the front office would have to continue their brilliance, which would likely mean sending off David Lee and either Harrison Barnes or their 2015 first round draft pick to Detroit. What it would take remains unclear but Kerr’s recent trip to visit Bogut in Melbourne is a strong show of confidence that Lacob and Myers won’t move Bogut anytime soon. Rather, the Warriors could go big pairing Bogut and Drummond together on the court. While this lineup could limit them somewhat offensively, Drummond shows tremendous upside with his athleticism. Worst case scenario, he is a superb replacement when Bogut when he inevitably gets banged up.

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  • Eric Tsuchiyama

    Interesting article. As a diehard Warriors fan myself, I would prefer luring Carmelo Anthony to the Bay Area by forfeiting both Splash Brothers and Andrew Bogut. What do you think?

    • miky

      Umm stoopid, stoopid, stoopid and oh yea…STOOPId!!!! Lol

    • Travis James

      Go for Lebron!

    • 510 Sports

      You must be kidding.

  • briddle


    *deep breath*


    I agree, if you can get an extremely promising, very young, very athletic, very productive big man on a rookie contract for 1) a 31 year-old, overpaid David Lee and 2) either a future non-lottery first round pick or a guy with below-average TS% and WS/48, you should totally do it. Also, you should see if they’ll throw in the “Detroit Pistons” trademark and a controlling interest in Tom Gores’ private equity firm while they’re at it.

  • Max Burnham

    You might have just created the worst free throw shooting frontcourt in nba history.

  • Ryan Caldwell

    LOL! So the pistons give up the best young center in the leauge who averaged 18 points and 17 rebounds in April. The only piece to the puzzle they have for an aging 4-5 and an inconsistent Barnes? If warriors want drummond it’s curry and klay for andre Jennings and KCP. Andre was marked as untouchable the only reason SVG said he’s not is for a trade to get a superstar at SF so monrie and josh would slide back to where they belong. Andre will never be in golden state.

    • Matt Packer

      I definitely understated what Golden State would have to give up to get this deal could get done. To make a realistic play for Drummond, they’d have to offer Lee, Klay, and either Barnes or a future 1st rounder. To make room for Lee’s contract now and Klay’s down the road, the Pistons would have to dump Villaneuva’s contract and Jonas Jerebko’s contract onto the Warriors books. I don’t think the FO would even consider offering up Curry.

      • Jacob Trausch

        LMAO. Golden State could offer that, but no way in hell Detroit would do it. Unless Golden State is offering Curry, I’m not even listening. Sorry, Drummond is THAT highly regarded here.

      • Yuggy

        Pistons wouldn’t do that deal. I don’t think people get it, Drummond has more impact and is a better player than Klay Thompson RIGHT NOW. And he’s 20 with 2 yrs left on chump change and about 30% up the ladder to ceiling. That deal wouldn’t even elicit a blink, just a hang up. And I like K. Thompson.

  • 510 Sports

    Do you really think Detroit wants to trade Drummond??

    • Matt Packer

      Considering SVG said they’re going to rebuild around him, I highly doubt they want to trade him. The question is what are teams willing to offer Detroit for him while he’s still on his rookie contract?

  • Sanjay Regupathy

    this is a stupid stupid stupid article, the pistons will never give up drummond, the warriors would have to give up thompson, barnes, 3 future first round picks, and bogut for them to consider it

    drummond is the next big center in this league, the pistons are smart enough to no trade away a franchise player who has the chance to be a future mvp caliber player

    whoever wrote this has an amateur nba IQ

  • Tigersfan123

    Sorry no offense to Warriors fans but you have no chance at getting Drummond unless you want to trade Steph Curry which I doubt you do. Drummond is the only bright spot we have in an otherwise crappy organization and is a building block for the future. No way he gets moved unless a superstar is coming back in return. I do however like what you have going for you and am interested to see what next season brings. Definitely a very fun team to watch.

  • Yuggy

    I think the Warriors should just go get Durant from the Vending machine while they’re at it. Give me a break, the Pistons would not trade Drummond for Curry and K. Thompson. Lee’s next to worthless for a building team. You seriously don’t understand what Drummond is if you think this article makes any sense. He’s going to be a superstar center. (not many of those in NBA history). He scored only 13.5 ppg, but he barely touches the ball on offense. He scores effortlessly and often whenever he touches it. I bet in his prime he’s around a 23, 15, and 3 player. The points I think that might be low-balling. He posses better touch, body control and footwork than Howard. And he’s about 30 lbs thicker for carving out space.

  • J Haskins

    Lacob blew it. I begged and pleaded for the Warriors to draft Drummond instead of the falling down the board Barnes. But Lacob was to blame. Mark Jackson wanted Drummond, and was set to take him with the 7th pick. But Lacob flew to New York for a Barnes private workout the night before the draft. GM Lacob wanted Barnes after that, so he vetoed the Drummond pick. I’m glad Lacob is eating his heart out. NO CHANCE the Warriors get Drummond

  • Mario Wheeler

    Ahmm Andre Drummond & Andrew Bogut would go together just about as bad as D.Howard & O.Asik did!!

  • DubsFan88

    The worst part is we had a chance to take Drummond. How often does a guy like that fall to the 5th pick, let alone 7th or 9th?