6 Free Agents The Warriors Should Consider Signing

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With the craziness of free agency descending over us, teams are making moves left, right and center to better improve their team roster.

The Golden State Warriors kicked things off with the signing of Shaun Livingston with the full midlevel exception, and declined the qualifying option to Jordan Crawford. With the spectre of a potential Kevin Love trade looming over them, the Warriors’ front office has been nothing short of busy as they search for potential free agents that might fill out the rest of the Warriors’ roster.

I’ve compiled a few free agents that the Warriors might look to sign. I’ve taken into consideration the Warriors’ cap space, and even left enough money in cap room for the Kevin Love trade. Before we dive into the fun stuff and imagine what the Warriors’ roster might be like next season, here are a few assumptions I made before doing my scouting:

  • The Warriors have $71.3 million in guaranteed salaries for next season (this includes the $5.3 million midlevel offer to Shaun Livingston).
  • The NBA luxury tax is at $77 million.
  • The Warriors have activated the hard cap, and therefore must not exceed $81 million in salaries for next season.
  • The Kevin Love trade has not yet happened.
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  • Matt Packer

    Well thought out article. Another FA I’d like them to consider is Jordan Hill. Averaged a career high 9 and 7 last year and would provide some much needed front-court depth

    • Greg Chin

      Jordan Hill made the shortlist I had, along with Anthony Morrow, Ed Davis, Alan Anderson.

      I considered including him in the list, but chances are that he is most likely returning to the Lakers. Would also be priced out of our range, unfortunately.

  • Angelo Mendoza

    I was pretty sure the Warriors were hard capped for this season, meaning they do not have any other salary exceptions to utilize. This of course includes their biannual (used on Jermaine O’Neal), limiting them strictly to minimum contracts. Correct me on Twitter @iAMgoldenstate if I’m wrong. Good list though

    • Greg Chin

      Ho Angelo, you are correct. The Warriors cannot use the biannual in consecutive years, nor can they use it once they use their midlevel exception.

      My apologies for the incorrect information.

  • Lol

    I don’t think we need a big we have ezili back this season, he used to be our starter before the injury and bogut

    • Carla Jacobs

      good god, he’s already hurt and he’s only days out of rehab.

  • Rob L

    To the writer of this article Greg Chin, WTH dude… All of your suggestions sucks hardcore except for Pau Gasol which is very obvious.. Bazemore? Give me a freaken break.. You basically show you have no knowledge about the warriors and rest of NBA players.. Horrible time wasting article..

    • Greg Chin

      Thank you for your very constructive response Rob L. The Warriors are capped and can only sign players with the VETERAN MINIMUM, which means they are very limited to the players they can sign. As stated in the article, I tried to stay true to who the Warriors could REALISTICALLY sign. They’ve used the full mid-level exception on Shaun Livingston and cannot sign free agents outright.

      In a perfect world, I’d like for them to sign Lebron James to replace Iggy, Chris Bosh to replace David Lee, hell maybe even have Carmelo as a 6th man. But cap space doesn’t work like that.

      If you’re still convinced that you’re right, please show me examples of who the Warriors could realistically sign with the veteran minimum. If you’re able to, I’d be more than happy to eat crow.