6 Free Agents The Warriors Should Consider Signing

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With the craziness of free agency descending over us, teams are making moves left, right and center to better improve their team roster.

The Golden State Warriors kicked things off with the signing of Shaun Livingston with the full midlevel exception, and declined the qualifying option to Jordan Crawford. With the spectre of a potential Kevin Love trade looming over them, the Warriors’ front office has been nothing short of busy as they search for potential free agents that might fill out the rest of the Warriors’ roster.

I’ve compiled a few free agents that the Warriors might look to sign. I’ve taken into consideration the Warriors’ cap space, and even left enough money in cap room for the Kevin Love trade. Before we dive into the fun stuff and imagine what the Warriors’ roster might be like next season, here are a few assumptions I made before doing my scouting:

  • The Warriors have $71.3 million in guaranteed salaries for next season (this includes the $5.3 million midlevel offer to Shaun Livingston).
  • The NBA luxury tax is at $77 million.
  • The Warriors have activated the hard cap, and therefore must not exceed $81 million in salaries for next season.
  • The Kevin Love trade has not yet happened.
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