Celtics Big Win – Not Only For The “W”


Doc Rivers asked for one volunteer during half-time. Ray Allen gave the Celtics just what they needed. After trading consecutive baskets with Ben Gordon, both of UCONN alums, Ray Ray took the most important shot for the Celtics in this early playoffs. Hitting a three with 2.0 seconds to go, the win wasn’t just for a tied series that is headed to Chicago, but a confidence booster and the belief that the Celtics can win, even with a banged up team and a weak bench. Celtic Nation was optimistic, when they heard that KG would not play the rest of the regular season to rest up for the playoffs. But when the announcement was made that KG would not be back for the playoffs, the rest of the league took a sigh of relief and the affectionately named, Baby Bulls, knew they had a much greater chance to beat the Celtics. KG isn’t just a player to the Celtics, he is the Celtics. He isn’t the best player in the league, that title belongs to the Kobes, LeBrons, and D-Wades. He isn’t the tallest man in the league, nor he is the best shooter. But he is argubly the most important man to a team. He brings defensive presence, intensity, vocal leadership and heart.  Though they are above .500, the Celtics are two different teams when KG is is playing and when KG is not playing. But one thing for sure, that the Celtics have made clear for the last two seasons, is that they are a TEAM. No one player makes the team, the collective group does. They win as a team, the lose as a team. That is what I liked about last night. KG is no longer available for the playoffs with surgery looming ahead. Rondo tweaked his ankle and was considerably slower after his small injury. Today, Celtic Nation found out that Leon Powe is now out for the playoffs as well. This would seem that the Celtics would be pushovers and an easy opponent. But instead, this is what happened. Paul Pierce, the only All-Star the Celtics had for his whole career, had a sub-par game, scoring only 18 points. But Glen, “Big Baby” Davis had a great game, scoring 26 points and grabbing 9 rebounds, Rondo having a triple double despite that tweak to his ankle, and Kendrick Perkins scoring 16 points and grabbing 12 rebounds with 9 of them offensive. And of course, Ray Ray scored 30 points, 28 of them in the second half, none of them as big as his last 3 points. This is a good solid foundation for the Celtics to build on. Their starters came up big and showed up to the game. One of their “Big Three” came alive. No one more excited than Allen himself. I’m sure he and everyone else was very happy that he broke out of his slump. But this also showed that the Celtics are not done, even without KG. They can still find ways to win, and that is what good teams do. They find ways to win no matter what their situation is. At the beginning of the year, this club emphasized that it was a TEAM. Last night, they showed why they emphasized that. And that is why the Celtics head to Chicago with the series tied instead of being down 2-0. Mark my words. The Celtics will win as a team and they will lose as a team.