Racing To The All Star Break


Warriors are just 11-26. The last loss looked like most losses and most wins. The Warriors are down a bunch, they stage a come-back and the fourth quarter really is the game. Sometimes the Warriors get a break and keep their scoring just up enough to beat a team, while other nights, they fall short of a comeback. The game versus the Heat was another one of the games that if the Warriors had played just a little bit better, the outcome would have been different. The Heat controlled the second quarter which really did in the Warriors.  But, a couple of miscues and some threes made, the Warriors were close and made it into a game. But with a “superstar” like Jermaine O’Neal,  the Heat finally delivered a knock out punch and rolled on to win 115-102. The Warriors made O’Neal look like a superstar. We all know that guy is washed up, but the real superstar did come out to play, even with a sprained wrist. With his status uncertain before tip-off, D-Wade had another of his typical game night, finishing with 35 points, 7 boards, 9 assists and 3  steals. Not a bad night with a sore wrist if you ask me.

For the Warriors, it’s nice to see Corey Maggette finally start playing like his contract is playing him. Again, he was the high scorer of the night finishing with 25 points. But his untimely fouls led to the Warriors being down by 8 at halftime. He’s gotta know that he’s an important player for the Warriors and he’s got to stay of foul trouble. He had 15 points in 16 minutes! That’s fantastic, which makes it even more the case that he needs to stay on the court and not on the bench with fouls. Monta Ellis finished with 17 points. The number sounds disappointing, since Ellis has been putting up big numbers, averaging about 25 points a game, but the Heat just kept him at bay, sending one defender after another. The good spark with Anthony Morrow who finished with 24 points. This is an emotional and mental pick me up. With all the injuries, including two from the Heat game, C.J. Watson and Vladimir Radmanovic, the Warriors are relying on less but expecting more from what they have. Hopefully Watson will be ready quickly, since he only needed stitches while Radmonavic’s timetable is uncertain right now. How much more unlucky can the Warriors get with injuries?!?!?!?

I can imagine most of the Warriors and their fans, are counting down the days till the All-Star break. With the break, the Warriors can rest up, recover from injuries (hopefully!) and maybe get some help. Also, I’m sure everyone would love to see Monta make the All-Star team which the hasn’t seen a Warrior since Latrell Spreewell, 13 years ago. And all I remember him for is choking a coach! So it would be great to see Monta make the All-Star team, because in reality he deserves it. If it really goes on the team performance, well we can’t argue there. The Warriors do not even have a .500 record. But if we are talking stats and how well this young man has stepped up, even with all the disgruntled rumblings, all the drama and all the injuries, he has played almost to perfection.  His teammates are making a case to him to Dallas. But ultimately, it the outcome is out of his hands. The only thing he has control of, is his ability to play at the highest level and show how fantastic he is as  a ball player.  If anything else, I’d settle for the Warriors to make a push into playoffs and upset a number 1 seed just like the team in 2007 vs the Mavs. Of course, with Monta leading the way.