Finding Some Positives


I’m not sure where this franchise is headed. And with disappointing seasons after seasons, I’m really not sure where this franchise is headed. The Warriors drop to 16-41 after last night’s loss and now they are down with injuries again. C.J. Watson was held out of the game because of flu-like symptoms but could be out longer according tot he team. As much as I love basketball and I never want seasons to end, cause then I get really bored watching all those baseball games, I can’t wait for this season to be over for the Warriors. We are down, depleted and mentally it’s hard to stay upbeat and positive on a very grim situation.  The most positive thing so far this  season is watching the growth of Steph Curry. That boy can play! And it’s hard to imagine what the other teams are thinking who passed over him. Minnesota had two chances to grab him, but grabbed….actually they are so ineffective on a horrible team that I’m not sure who they grabbed. Curry continues his monstrous rookie season by scoring 30 points and dishing out 13 dimes. I’d say the best two points Curry had all night was when he drove middle, faked Chris Anderson to get him up and fly by and scored on a bank shot. It was ridiculous! It made Anderson looked like he got played. Unfortunately for the Warriors, at the end of the day, it’s not the individual plays but rather the team and the Warriors ended up getting crushed 127-112.

The Nuggets, with various weapons, shut down Monta Ellis. He scored 22 points but on 6-22 shooting. He looked like he wasn’t in sync with the game or the team and looked very tired. We need to trade some players to help Monta out and convince him on why we should keep him here. Right now,  it doesn’t seem like the Warriors are looking to build to win for the future. We have two great players in the backcourt. We just need to start filling in holes. I think a lot of the players that are playing right now would be great players as bench players. The second unit could definitely be strong, but we need some good solid starters.

As I said, I’m not sure where this franchise is headed. It seems like we take problem players, rejuvenate their careers, and then we don’t offer them money to stay or get players to convince them to stay. Or, we just trade our decent players for some nobodies while they still have trade value. Nothing, we have done in the past, have shown that we want to win and soon. This year, there was even some talk of trading Monta to the Celtics for some players. I’m glad that trade didn’t happen. A lot of grumblings have come out of the Warriors front office as they keep saying that Curry can’t grow while Ellis is still here and that Curry is the face of the franchise. As much as Steph has been a positive for this ball-club, the reality is the kid is just too small to help a franchise get out of it’s misery. I honestly think that Curry and Ellis make a great back court combo, with Steph being the one and Monta at the 2. Size then won’t be much of a factor. I think they need each other to compete with other teams, to help shoulder the offensive load and being able to depend on each other. Trading Monta for a couple of chips won’t help the franchise now or later. We made a commitment to building a team around Monta after giving him an extension contract. We made a commitment to building a team around Monta, when we first traded Jason Richardson to the Suns for(????), then let Baron Davis go to LA (though it’s kinda a blessing we didn’t commit that much money to him), then traded Stephen Jackson for two bench players, one who will never see a Warriors uniform and another who is just washed up. Sweet deals I’ll say. So with that said, we made a commitment, in 2008, to Monta by signing him for 6 years, $66 million when he was just 22. Now at 24 we’re ready to dump him? Come on! We gave him that much money because we believe he was the face of the franchise. Let’s continue to build around him and we’ll see where we can go. Monta can play with the best and we’ve seen he can play with the best. If they let Monta go or trade him for a bunch of nobodies, I’m