Spurs and Grizzlies Take Care Of Business


Two more games to complete the first two games of each series. The Spurs opened up the playoffs with a resounding win and Game 2 was no different. As for the Grizzlies, they cleaned up their act from the first game. After blowing a 27 point lead, the Grizzlies then presumbely lost Game 1. With Game 2 a “must win” for them, they fought for every inch and grinded out ever series. With that said, let’s get a recap of the games.

San Antonio Spurs (114) vs Utah Jazz (83)

Spurs lead the series 2-0

Where oh where are the Jazz? They haven’t showed up in the playoffs yet and at this point, I don’t think they will show up at all. This smack down for a second straight game just proves where the Jazz want to be and where they are in reality. Between the SA Big Three, only combined for 34 minutes. Manu only played four while Tony Parker, begged for 18 minutes worth of playing time. I think that tells the story enough. The Utah Jazz could didn’t hit 20 points in both the first and second quarter. They succumbed to a 20-0 run around in the second and didn’t look like they were in the game at all. The last time the Jazz were blown out, was at the hands of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in 1998. While this many though the Spurs would take this series, no one would have thought it would have been this easy. No flashiness, no big ego superstar, just a team. And maybe that is what the Spurs are representing. A team with older players, who are willingly to give up their games to get the bigger prize. And they have a great coach leading them, as Gregg Popovich won the NBA Coach of The Year award. His second winning, but I bet he would give it up to get one more title with these three fellows. With two days off, the Jazz look to head home and recuperate. And maybe a new game plan. Just shooting 23% won’t help against these veteran Spurs. Next game is on Saturday in Salt Lake City at 10:00pm EST.

Memphis Grizzlies (105) vs LA Clippers (98)

Series tied 1-1

This time, the Grizzlies took care of business. No more hoopla, no more memories. After a year’s worth of not sleeping, the Grizzlies took care of business and tied the series 1-1. O.J Mayo had two sleepless nights and let those feelings sink in to led the Grizzlies in a “must-win” game in Game 2. Behind his 20 points, 10 in the fourth quarter alone, the Grizzlies were able to take charge and hold off the Clippers for the win. And what was suppose to game changer for the Grizzlies, was. Their deep bench showed up with six players reaching double digits. The Clippers were lead by Chris Paul who had 29 points, six assists and five steals. His battery mate, Blake Griffin had 22 points. Both games had the Grizzlies leading in the fourth. But in Game 2, the Grizzlies never gave the lead back and the Clippers never got closer than four. Game 3 is headed back to LA land (yes they share that home court with those people called the Lakers) on Saturday. Tip off is at 4:30pm EST.