Golden State Warriors Offseason Homework: Andris Biedrins


This is an offseason series of articles we’ll be doing this summer at Blue Man Hoop. In these Offseason Homework pieces, we’ll be breaking down one Warrior to figure out which area of his game needs the most improvement before the 2012-2013 Warriors season kicks off in Phoenix on October 31.

Andris Biedrins’ Assignment: Get His Career Back on Track

I know, that’s a pretty tough assignment for anyone to fulfill, but we’re talking about Andris Biedrins here.

You know, the same Andris Biedrins that averaged 11.9 points and 11.2 rebounds a game four years ago? Or the Andris Biedrins who led the NBA in field-goal percentage in 2007-2008, shooting a ridiculous 62 percent from the field?

Yeah, where is that guy now?

“Beans” has completely fallen off the map of the Warriors’ depth chart, and it is painful to watch a guy with such a high potential go to waste. He played in just 47 games last season, and was either hampered by injury or was a DNP due to coach’s decision in the rest of the games.

In those 47 games, he averaged 1.7 points, 3.7 rebounds, and shot nine free throws. Yes, nine free throws in 47 games, and he made just one of them (if you haven’t seem him shoot a free throw, just watch and listen to the reaction of the broadcasters here).

At some points during the season, it seemed like Biedrins was scared of shooting the ball because he was afraid of being fouled and having to shoot free throws (he only attempted 1.4 shots s a game). Granted, he has some value defensively with his seven-foot wingspan, but a team cannot expect to win a game with four players on offense. With all due respect, Biedrins simply looked like an amoeba on the offensive side of the ball.

Not to mention a disastrous off-season for him this summer. First, there were the leaked pictures that allegedly showed him “participating in some rather risqué sexual behavior”, as the Huffington Post called it. Then, he was hit with a tax evasion charge in his home country of Latvia. (You’re probably wondering why a man making seven figures would avoid paying his taxes. Me too.)

So how does he turn things around?

It would take a miracle of some sort, but it isn’t unfathomable.

First and foremost, Biedrins has to somehow get more playing time, which is not easy considering Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli will hog up most of the minutes at center.

Then comes the hard part. If he can somehow morph into even half of the Andris Biedrins of old, that will go a long way to instill more confidence in himself.

Because you have to remember: this guy is only 26 years old, and has already averaged a double-double and led the NBA in field goal percentage over the course of an NBA season. Sure, he’s been hurt and has not quite lived up to his monster contract over the past few years, but is that enough to just give up on him entirely?

I don’t believe that we’ve seen the last of a productive Andris Biedrins. This organization has spent way too much time, effort, and money on him to just cast him aside and let his career tumble even further.

Before I sign off, I’d like to show you one last video clip off a game where Biedrins racked up 28 points and 21 rebounds against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Alright now go to bed, tuck yourself under the covers, and start dreaming of the return of the Biedrins.