2013 NBA Playoffs: Golden State Warriors vs. Denver Nuggets Preview

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What Has To Go Right For Golden State

The Warriors have to shoot the ball well, and the Nuggets will do everything in their power to permit Curry and Thompson from getting hot. If those two are silenced, the Warriors’ alternative scoring options aren’t as appealing.

The Warriors also need to keep the Nuggets off the board. Too many extra chance points will cost the Warriors big-time.

What Has To Go Right For Denver

The Nuggets will likely do well at home, but they could struggle on the road. So ideally, they will have to win all of their games at home to avoid trouble if they do struggle on the road.

Obviously, they have to hope Curry doesn’t get hot. Same goes for Thompson. If both are kept in check, then containing Lee’s short mid-range jumper is the next step

In short, win at home and hope to win at least won on the road. If the Warriors beat them at home, they will lose.


Stephen Curry’s hot-shooting will continue, and the Warriors will pull off an upset.

Golden State in 7