Golden State Warriors: 7 Bold Predictions for 2013-2014

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1. Stephen Curry wins MVP

With LeBron James in the league, it is hard to see how anyone else could possibly win the MVP award. Plus, there are players like Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and Tony Parker fighting to be the runner-up.  How could Curry jump over all of these players to win the most coveted regular season award?

The biggest thing LeBron has going against him is “voter fatigue.”  It remains to be seen if anything can stop LeBron, but people do seem to get tired of voting for the same player over and over when there are other players who are also worthy. For Curry to win the MVP, voters will have to start yawning at the idea of choosing LeBron once again.

Curry will also have to continue playing the way he did in the second half of this past season. After the All-Star break, Curry averaged 26 points per game, and he averaged 22.9 points per game for the season, which was good for seventh in the league.

For Curry to jump into MVP discussions, he is going to have to continue to put up similar numbers. The biggest change he needs to make is at the free throw line. He is arguably the best free throw shooter in the league, but he only averaged 3.7 free throw attempts per game in 2012. If he can bump that up next season, he could compete for the scoring title, which would put him in the MVP discussion.

The only other thing he needs to do is keep shooting three- pointers. Curry is the NBA’s best shooter, and it makes him stand out from other players.  If continues to shoot well and the Warriors have a great season, Curry could very well become the MVP of the league.