NBA Mock Draft 2013: Predicting Picks 21-30

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27. Denver Nuggets: Lucas Nogueira, Brazil (C)

Age: 20

Height/Weight: 6’11/215

Courtesy of NBA Draft Net

This Brazilian big man is yet another project player. His size and his talent, along with his efficiency in the half court, make him a commodity that the Nuggets would love to have, despite his lack of good decision making ability (much like another certain center of theirs not known for his high basketball IQ).

Nogueira isn’t aggressive when attacking the hoop, thus making him a player you want creating for himself. However, he does a good job making those few shots he takes each game.

He’s small for his size, more than he should be. He even hasn’t added much size over the past few seasons overseas, which is troubling. He also shoots extremely well, with the ability to go over most defenders and defends well due to his massive 7’5 wingspan.

Overall, he will take some time to make an impact at the pro level.  Despite his rawness, his talent and physical attributes make him a promising young player.