NBA Free Agency 2013: Free-Agent Power Rankings (6-10)

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8. Paul Millsap

Apr 9, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Jazz power forward Paul Millsap (24) looks to pass during the second half against the Oklahoma City Thunder at EnergySolutions Arena. The Thunder won 90-80. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Millsap represents one half of Utah Jazz’s veteran frontcourt. The 28-year-old put up a tremendous statline this past year, averaging 14.6/7.1/2.6 with 1.3 steals and one block per game in 30.4 minutes.

Millsap shot 49 percent from the field, which shows that he can improve somewhat on the offensive side of the court. What is perhaps most impressive arer his steals and assists, especially for a man his size. He was the third-highest in assists per game and first in the league in steals for power forwards.

Millsap’s scoring has decreased in recent seasons, but his main liability is on defense. Opponents shoot 2.4 percent better when he is on the court, which is less bad when you consider that the Jazz shot two percent better when he is on the court. If his scoring continues to drop off, however, his inability to defend will become even more exaggerated. His somewhat smaller size as a power forward allows him to remain versatile in the post and take a wide variety of shots.

Millsap is also known for his strong work ethic and his “blue-collar” game. The fact that he has stayed with the same team for his entire career is a testament to ability to work well with people and his positive attributes as a teammate.