Klay Thompson is chasing Ray Allen too


The Splash Bros have taken the NBA by storm over the last 3 seasons, knocking down threes at an unprecedented rate.

In today’s NBA, the three-point shot is becoming more and more prominent as being able to shoot from the perimeter has become a necessity in team success. Taking a look at the worst 10 teams in the league in terms of three-point field goals made, only three of those teams made the playoffs (Spurs, Heat, & Memphis). If I throw in three-point percentage, still only three made the playoffs (Boston ,Memphis, and Miami).

The Warriors, on the other hand, are another story as they sink the long ball at an astronomical rate and with great success. They knocked down 197 more threes than the next best team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. This gap is extremely large considering the Cavs averaged 10.7 makes per game. That means the Cavs assuming they made at least their average, would’ve needed to play about 19 more games to get to a mark the Warriors got in 82 games.

Now lets take a look at Klay Thompson whom is solidifying himself as one of the all time great snipers to step on an NBA court.

Now, we all know about the captain of the Splash Brothers, Stephen Curry, who made a whopping 402 threes by himself. And while we may not overlook Klay Thompson’s ability to knock down the three ball, its easy to overlook Klay Thompson’s rising reputation as possibly the second best three point shooter all time. With Steph setting all the records, people forget about Klay whom knocked down 276 three pointers this season as a second option. Forty more than the next highest, which happens to be Houston’s star player James Harden.

Only time will tell but one would be foolish to ignore Klay who silently travels up the all time three pointers made leaderboard right behind Steph.

Stephen Curry has played 109 more games than Klay (not including playoffs) and came into the NBA two years beforehand, and Thompson is surely not that far behind.

Klay Thompson has 1060 career makes from deep. Not counting his rookie campaign where he made 111, he is averaging roughly 237 made threes per season. In addition, his total 3 pt makes have increased every season he has been in the NBA. This has all been achieved as a second option behind Curry.

His totals will likely level out but if there is anybody that has the potential to knock down 300 threes in a season outside of Curry, my pick is Klay. He has been in the top five in 3pt makes every season for the last four seasons and second in each of the last three.

Ray Allen, that guy who just so happened to break Reggie Millers record (2973 career three pointers) has made is publicly clear that he wants to pad his lead of 3 pointer to keep it away from Curry. But even Jesus Shuttlesworth himself may have forgotten about Thompson whom sits at 1,060 5 years into his career. Meaning Klay is 1913 three pointers behind Allen. Sounds like alot. But no, lets assume Klay makes about 237 per season for the next 4 years. That puts him at 2008 for his career at age 30.

Who knows Thompson could break Reggie Millers record before he turns 33.

*This is all assuming Ray Allen decides not to come back to play basketball again*

Shooting is not exactly something you lose, as elite shooters generally have the longest careers. So if Klay sits at 2000 3 pointers made four seasons from now, he will only be about 973 behind Allen.

Hard to predict what the NBA scene will look like 8 years from now let alone 4 years so lets assume his number sinks to average 200 made threes after when he turns 35. This is all barring injury of course. Thompson will then be sitting at 3,000 made threes at age 35, nine years from today.

He will likely be behind Curry, but who knows. We still have yet to see Klay on a team where he is the focal point of the offense.

But nonetheless, at his rate, he’s a sure 1st ballot Hall of Famer.