Comparing Golden State Warriors Players to Star Wars Characters

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Golden State Warriors
November 24, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) after making a three-point basket during the first quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers at Oracle Arena. The Warriors defeated the Lakers 111-77. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

Stephen Curry – Luke Skywalker

The hero. The new hope. Stephen Curry is Luke Skywalker.

Stuck on native planet Tattooine, Luke Skywalker showed extraordinary abilities. He could execute difficult maneuvers and hit long-distance targets easily. Master Yoda was wary of training Luke and he struggled early on. But eventually, he learned the ways of being a Jedi Master and embraced his new responsibility. With only several years of training, Luke was able to become one of the most powerful Jedi, overthrowing the Empire and redeeming and jumpstarting the fallen Order.

Curry showed signs of being a star–he showcased his unlimited range from a young age, but obstacles and setbacks during his early years as a professional slowed down his progress. It remained to be seen if Curry could stay healthy long enough to build a team around him. Once faith was put in him, as the franchise’s new hope for greatness, he embraced it and took off. In a short period of time, he grew from an All-Star snub to the world’s greatest player. Now he’s accepted his superstardom and revitalized a weakened franchise.

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It seems both did things a little differently as well. In his final battle with Darth Vader, Luke shows an aggression that would normally be frowned upon by the Jedi Code. Regardless of what it said, Luke did it his way. Curry is revolutionizing the game (much to the chagrin of old-fashioned basketball minds), inspiring and changing everything everyone thought about basketball one three-pointer at a time.

I won’t say Dell Curry is Darth Vader, but both heroes had to overcome their father’s shadows in order to truly flourish. The fall of Anakin Skywalker concerned Yoda when it came to Luke. On the other hand, the elder Curry’s accomplishments would be daunting act to follow.

Skywalker and Curry became great leaders. They were able to overcome almost insurmountable obstacles and persevere. They grew far more powerful than anyone had ever expected. They combined power with fantastic instinct and they did it their own way. Curry can dish out jaw-dropping no-look passes as easily as Luke can block blaster shots blindfolded.

Curry is the greatest shooter of all-time. And if you doubt this, search your feelings. You know this to be true.