Six best moments from Warriors’ win over Cavs

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Golden State Warriors
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The Golden State Warriors blew the Cleveland Cavaliers out of the gym on MLK  Day. Here are some of that game’s best highlights.

The Golden State Warriors let a 14 point fourth quarter lead slip away on Christmas in Cleveland. The Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving hit a turnaround jumper to put his team up by one. Kevin Durant couldn’t answer on the other end, as time expired when he fell down after being tripped by Richard Jefferson.

LeBron James argued that the two teams aren’t rivals and that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The rivalry is the best in the league and it grows every time James and Draymond Green step on the court together. You can’t look away for even one second because things can explode in an instant.

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These teams don’t like each other–that’s become increasingly clear. But a rivalry isn’t worth tuning into if there isn’t high quality play. The Warriors and the Cavaliers have been the two best teams in basketball for three years now.

There’s star power all over the place. The two teams have individual players who are absolutely brilliant once they lace up their shoes. There are guys on both sides who can do things that just leave you in awe.

Luckily, Golden State had more highlights than Cleveland in their MLK Day matchup. The Warriors cruised to a 126-91 victory in a game that was never close. When they win–especially when they win big–they produce a lot of really fun moments.

It was an emotional game as Golden State looked to snap Cleveland’s four game winning streak over them. The Dubs needed to defend home court an they did so in style. Here are the six best moments from that game.