Six best moments from Warriors’ win over Cavs

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Golden State Warriors
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Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green blocks Kyle Korver and runs out for an easy two.

The Cleveland Cavaliers traded for Kyle Korver and everyone lost their mind. They basically stole the sharpshooter from Atlanta, offering a pick, a retired Mo Williams, and a veteran Mike Dunleavy Jr. It was a deal that confused most.

Korver’s arrival in Cleveland was supposed to put them over the top. Whatever gap Kevin Durant’s arrival in Golden State had created, the shooting guard’s acquisition was supposed to narrow or, even, change it. He was coming off an 11 point performance that showed exactly what he would offer.

He’s one of the best shooters to ever step on a court. With LeBron James and Kyrie Irving forcing defenses to collapse, he was supposed to have all the room to shoot that he could have ever wanted. It was supposed to be like practice.

For Cleveland and Korver, that plan works perfectly against most defenses. Unfortunately for them, however, Draymond Green and the Warriors aren’t most defenses. Green is one of the best in the game on that end of the floor and Golden State is at the top in defense.

Check out this amazing defensive play by Green:

The Warriors’ All-Star drops down into the lane to help Andre Iguodala on a cutting LeBron James. With Green collapsing, Iman Shumpert makes the right play and hits his new teammate who was wide open on the wing. Korver, who had the space, decided to let it fly.

Despite looking like he left Korver wide open, Green knew just how far away he was from him. He sprinted to the three-point line to contest. The Cavs’ newest player rose up to shoot and Green, not only contested the shot, but he blocked it.

He kept running and when Golden State was able to grab the loose ball, Steph Curry looked up the floor. Green was streaking and the two-time MVP hit him with a perfect pass. It landed in the All-Star’s hands and he was at the rim with just two steps.

The Warriors didn’t let Korver get comfortable. It’s rare to see a jumpshot get blocked, especially one launched by an elite shooter, but Green is a magnificent defender. His ability to recognize how much time he has to recover makes him so good at what he does.

Golden State attacked Korver on the other end of the floor and this was one of those examples. Green kept running and forced the shooter to try to stop his run to the rim–he couldn’t.