Six best moments from Warriors’ win over Cavs

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Golden State Warriors
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Golden State Warriors turn defense into quick offense, attacking both of Cleveland’s stars in the process.

The Golden State Warriors won on both ends on MLK Day. They were intense on the defensive end, doing everything they could to disrupt Cleveland’s offensive flow. They made life difficult for the Cavaliers, especially for their stars.

The Warriors were the new Showtime Lakers. Over the last few years, they’ve won and they’ve done it in style. Their exciting play is basketball at its finest.

Steve Kerr has had this team playing freely. That freedom to create and play imaginatively is what unleashed Steph Curry and attracted Kevin Durant. Against Cleveland, they haven’t been able to do the things that they wanted to recently.

The Warriors changed that in their game at Oracle Arena against the Cavaliers. Golden State is at its best when they’re feeding off the crowd’s energy and moving quickly. They turn great defense into fun offense where their gifted stars have opportunities to do what they do best.

Golden State put everything on full display against Cleveland. Check out this wild sequence right here:

Curry timed his move wonderfully. He waited for LeBron James to turn his back and, when he did, he came from behind to poke the ball away. He took off on the break and drove the ball right down the middle. He forced the defense to collapse and kicked it out for a Klay Thompson three.

Cleveland brought the ball up the court after Thompson’s make and Kyrie Irving tried to isolate. He went to a turnaround, similar to the one he made on Christmas except this time Thompson blocked it. Then, the Warriors were off to the races once again.

Curry brought the ball up on the right side and stopped as if he was going to pull up for three. That fake forced James to stop and honor the greatest shooter of all-time’s range. James couldn’t stop and focus on just Curry because Kevin Durant was next to him. Nonetheless, James’ hesitation gave Curry enough room to throw a bounce pass to Durant who slammed it home.

This sequence was controlled chaos. It shows how quickly Golden State can attack and how they feed off the crowd and their teammates’ energy. It was fast and it was fun.