Golden State Warriors: 70 wins is probable

Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

The Golden State Warriors are well within range to win 70 games and become the first team in NBA history with two 70-win seasons.

Records tend to fall at the feet of the Golden State Warriors. After winning 73 games last season, the team made it clear before the season that they weren’t going to be chasing wins and trying to set records again. Draymond Green noted the toll it took on the team and the negative consequences it effectively added.

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The team added Kevin Durant to the roster this year and many felt they could get there on talent alone. However, they lost a few games early and that pretty much meant chasing 74 wins was out the window for accomplishments. While it’s not out of the window yet, it’s unlikely.

The Warriors would have to go 31-1 over their final 32 games to make history. They’re going to want to be healthy for the playoffs and Steve Kerr’s just not going to push them to do that. The good news is they can make history in another way.

Only the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors have had 70-win season. The Warriors this year could be the first team ever to have two 70-win seasons. If Golden State wants to take down a record and not focus on chasing wins that would be the one.

At 43-7, the Warriors have 32 games remaining on the season. To get to 70 wins, they would have to go 27-5 over the remaining 32 games to get there. That’s more than doable for a team that has finally put it together and playing their best basketball of the season.

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The more wins they put together on this win streak, then the easier that feat becomes. 31-1 sounds near impossible and it is. 27-5 sounds just right for this team and it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see them reach this feat.

With the way the offense has come together and the efficiency that they play with on defense, it’s hard to see them losing five more games over a 32-game span. This team doesn’t lose back-to-back games and they have some stretches where they can really rattle off some wins the rest of the way. Being in their own little club would be something special for Golden State.