Warriors Workshop Webisode 1: Writers Reminisce About #WeBelieve

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5. What’s one Warriors prediction you have for the rest of the season/postseason?

"Carlos Murillo: Steph Curry explodes for one of the greatest postseason runs we’ve ever seen. He has a chip on his shoulder. The embarrassment of last year still follows him. If he’s healthy, expect him to silence all the doubters. He’s looking for revenge and he’s going to play his best basketball of the season when it matters the most."

Charles Rahrig V: My prediction for the Warriors the rest of the way is that they’ll have to face the Spurs to get to the NBA Finals. We’ve been waiting on this playoff battle for a while and it’s time it happens.

"Segun Giwa: I predict that Klay will score 50 sometime between now and the end of the regular season. We are long overdue for a Klay supernova game."

Eric HeStephen Curry finds his MVP stroke again — Without KD, Steph is back in the position he was in each of his MVP seasons. While he’s still having an incredible season by average standards, people enjoy picking on any little criticism they can about Curry. Now, he’ll have to carry the load without Durant, and I think we see him pick things up down the stretch.

"Michael Shultz: Stephen Curry is going to turn into an assassin in the last 20 games. He got off to great start, breaking out of his mini slump against the New York Knicks, scoring 31 points, hitting five threes. Curry will continue to be aggressive with his shot, taking more pull-up threes and running more pick and roll with Draymond Green. When Durant comes back, Durant will have to adjust to Curry’s game not the other way around. The Warriors are at their best when Curry is most aggressive player on the floor and it will pay off in the postseason."

Derek Tahara: One Warriors prediction I have for the rest of the season/postseason is that they clinch the number one seed and go through the West and win the NBA Finals against the Cavs. And then I would celebrate by eating cupcakes.

"Ryan Viera: My prediction for the rest of the Warriors season is that we finally get the Spurs vs. Warriors WCF series we’ve been wanting the last couple of seasons. I think that’ll be the Warriors toughest opponent in the postseason shall they meet up, and I would not be shocked if the Spurs pulled that series out, but as for the result, we will have to wait and see."