Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers Discusses Growth of Pat McCaw, Damian Jones

Golden State Warriors wingman Patrick McCaw (Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)
Golden State Warriors wingman Patrick McCaw (Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports) /

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers commented on the progression of Patrick McCaw and Damian Jones, as well as the 2017 NBA Draft and impending free agency.

OAKLAND, Calif. — Monday’s media availability at the Golden State Warriors Training Facility made one thing perfectly clear: Warriors General Manager Bob Myers and his front office staff most definitely have their work cut out for them this offseason.

Unlike most NBA teams, the rest period of the NBA offseason has continually been short for the Warriors, who have played in three straight NBA Finals. Following their most recent title, Golden State has had to quickly shift gears to formulate a plan for the 2017 NBA Draft and the looming cloud of free agency.

Andre Iguodala and the Warriors’ approach to free agency was the primary topic of conversation, though Myers was expectedly limited in discussing FA details due to NBA tampering rules. Myers also touched on the the departures of Travis Schlenk and Jerry West, the 2017 NBA Summer League, and, most importantly, Thursday’s draft.

"“We don’t have a draft pick, but we’re acting as if we do. That’s what every team has to do, exploring all the variables — most of which won’t come true,” Myers said. “But we do our work and we make calls and we take calls, and following Thursday, we’ll do the same thing in free agency.”"

The Warriors are of course no stranger to buying draft picks. In 2011, the Warriors bought the 39th pick in the draft from the Charlotte Bobcats, selecting Jeremy Tyler. In 2013, the Warriors bought the 30th pick from the Phoenix Suns, selecting Nemanja Nedovic. Both were unfortunately unable to find their footing in the NBA.

The Warriors bought into the second round last year, selecting Patrick McCaw via the Milwaukee Bucks. Acknowledging the fact that the team hasn’t always gotten it right with bought picks, Myers referred to McCaw as a “success story,” alluding to how much growth McCaw has displayed over the course of the 2016-17 season.

Myers again referenced McCaw when answering a question concerning what criteria a prospect would have to fall under to force the Warriors to buy into the draft on Thursday. Myers stated the team simply will look for the best player available, saying that’s exactly what they were thinking when they drafted McCaw.

"“When we drafted McCaw, we actually didn’t think he’d be as ready as he was. Even though he didn’t play a lot, when we drafted him, we didn’t know that he’d be able to give us what he gave us, which I thought was pretty good,” said Myers.“We didn’t say to Steve (Kerr) ‘Hey, start McCaw’ or ‘We need to develop him this year.’ It was more of who’s the best player at this number, period — whether they’re ready now or in a year. So that’s how we’ll approach this year.”"

Damian Jones was also selected by the Warriors in last year’s draft, going to Oakland with the 30th pick. Myers commented on the growth of the athletic 7-footer, praising Jones for showing progress in every aspect of his game.

"“The purpose of the D-League is to learn the NBA a little bit, and I saw a lot of growth in every area,” Myers said.“The way he plays fits the modern NBA of switching PnRs, his athelticism, catching lobs, I mean….He’s a modern center, and so that’s intriguing, but he still has to continue to improve….”"

According to Myers, the possibility of Damian Jones being assigned again to the Santa Cruz Warriors will depend solely on makeup of the team and where he fits into the rotation next season.

Myers speculated that McCaw, on the other hand, may have earned more of a rotational spot with Golden State following a handful of solid performances throughout the 2017 NBA Playoffs.

Myers confirmed that both McCaw and Jones would be joining the squad in Las Vegas, though he was unsure how many games each of them would play.

Kevon Looney may also play Summer League, according to Myers.