Stephen Curry congratulated on new record deal by LeBron James

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 16: LeBron James
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 16: LeBron James /

Stephen Curry just agreed to sign the richest deal in NBA history. LeBron James, his biggest rival, congratulated him on the achievement.

Stephen Curry agreed to the richest deal in NBA history. After spending the last four years as the most underpaid player in all of basketball and, possibly, sports, he’s getting the money he deserves. He will be making $201 million over the next five seasons.

Curry is coming off his second NBA championship in three years. It’s been a pretty special run for him. He’s won two MVP awards and two titles. He’s become one of the most dominant forces to ever step on an NBA court.

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He’s played LeBron James in three straight NBA Finals. He’s won two and lost one in historic fashion. James spent a lot of time between Game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals and April 2017 trying to tear Curry down. He directly taunted him and had a dummy of the point guard at his Halloween party.

The two have a serious rivalry going on. While they respect each other’s basketball abilities, Marcus Thompson suggested in his book Golden that James (and other NBA stars) might resent Curry. His comfortable upbringing and the praise from the media reportedly rubbed them the wrong way.

No matter what happens off the court, there is a rivalry between the two in terms of basketball. They’ve battled for Larry O’Brien trophies three straight times. Curry and James are also both at the top of the merchandise sales lists with the former topping the later this year. They go at it.

Still, James congratulated Curry for his new deal. Marc Stein tweeted the initial news that the Warriors and Curry would agree on the super-max deal before free agency opened. James quote-tweeted SLAM Magazine’s since-deleted tweet about the deal congratulating the point guard.

Players’ upbringings didn’t matter here. Neither did on-court battles. Money and power are more important than that.

James and his friends like Chris Paul fight to protect the players. They want to see players get paid. This is the type of stuff they like. James can put his differences with Curry aside to celebrate the fact that a colleague of his is getting the money he deserves.

This record-breaking deal is pretty exciting. Obviously Curry has to be happy with it. The Warriors are pleased that their franchise player will continue to suit up for them for the foreseeable future. Golden State fans are ecstatic that he is staying in the Bay Area.

You can add LeBron James to the list of parties who are enthusiastic about Steph Curry’s new contract.