Golden State Warriors: Bringing Andre Iguodala back was the right call

PORTLAND, OR - APRIL 22: Andre Iguodala
PORTLAND, OR - APRIL 22: Andre Iguodala /

The Golden State Warriors have agreed to a three year, $48 million deal with Andre Iguodala. Bringing the vet back was the right decision.

The Golden State Warriors are trying to establish a dynasty. They’ve won two of the last three championships and enjoyed a historic season in between. Three of their four top players are locked up.

And while making sure Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are locked up for years to come is the most important piece to kicking off this multi-year reign for Golden State, they still need to make other moves. Those two–and, to a greater extent, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson–can’t do it alone. That’s why re-signing Andre Iguodala was extremely important.

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Iguodala has been a key figure in the Warriors’ recent greatness. His defensive prowess (especially against LeBron James) helped shift the culture in Golden State and make them a championship team. Offensively, his playmaking gives the Warriors a lot of options.

Over his four seasons with Golden State, Iguodala has shown his ability to make plays in the biggest moments. Aside from the game winners and timely deflections, who could forget his marvelous performance in Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals. Or how about helping the Warriors win three straight in the 2015 Finals after going down 2-1?

Iguodala is 33 years old. At this point in his career, his knees aren’t what they used to be and he’s had back troubles before. Though he takes great care of his body, it can’t last forever.

He and the Warriors have agreed to a three year, $48 million deal. Giving Iguodala that third year and an extra $10+ million was the right decision. He’s been that important.

The Warriors are trying to win now. If they win the 2018 NBA championship, then they are a dynasty. If they three-peat, they are one of the best dynasties ever. Iguodala should have two more solid years left in his body.

If he declines at age 36, yeah, it’ll be frustrating for Golden State if they have all this money tied up with him. But if that comes after a championship or two, then it’s worth it. If he can contribute now, then whatever money he gets in three seasons will be worth it.

The Golden State Warriors’ backup option was Rudy Gay coming off a major injury. The veteran Iguodala–who still possesses great athleticism–is a better option by the same margin that eating ice cream is better than getting bitten by a poisonous snake. They needed him to return to the Dubs.

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So in just a few short days, the Warriors have brought back Shaun Livingston, David West, Curry, and, now, Iguodala. They’re moving fast trying to secure their best players. Iguodala is one of those.

The 2015 Finals MVP and two-time champ will have three more years to seal a Hall of Fame case.