Golden State Warriors: Time to say goodbye to Ian Clark

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 25: Stephen Curry
CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 25: Stephen Curry /

The Golden State Warriors’ signed Nick Young and, in turn, made the decision to let Ian Clark walk in free agency to get the contract he earned.

The Golden State Warriors have won two titles largely due to the fact that their top talent is better than everyone else’s. It’s hard to defeat a core of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. It becomes nearly impossible when that core adds Kevin Durant.

Stars alone can’t win, however. It truly takes a team effort. So the Warriors have had to build a championship bench.

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Ian Clark has been a pleasant surprise for the Warriors. After playing a minor role during the Warriors’ 73 win campaign, he stepped up after Leandro Barbosa’s departure. He had to take on a larger role.

Clark flourished. His personality fit perfectly with the team, helping keep Curry loose with their pregame shenanigans and leading bench celebrations. On the court, his chemistry with veteran David West gave the Warriors instant offense off the bench.

Clark is an unrestricted free agent. He averaged nearly 7 points and over 1 assist per game off the bench. He shot 37 percent from three.

He will most likely be gone. The Warriors went out and signed Nick Young for one season. With just one roster spot left, Golden State might turn to another center or, even, a pass-first point guard, not a scoring option like Clark. It’s time to start saying good bye to him.

Clark played just two seasons with the Warriors. He quickly became a fan favorite for his celebrations, but he endeared himself by producing on the court. His work ethic was on full display as he turned himself into a very effective reserve.

Clark earned a big payday. He should get millions of dollars over several years. The Warriors just don’t have the funds or the space to give that to him.

All of DubNation should thank Clark for what he did. It’s unfortunate to see him go, but it’s in the best interest of both sides. The Warriors increased their firepower with Young and Clark will get the contract he deserves.

While he won’t be playing in a system that maximizes him quite like Golden State did, he can help some squad in a defined role. It’s time to start saying good bye to the fan favorite.