Golden State Warriors: Kevin Durant roasted as ESPYS (Video)

OAKLAND, CA - JULY 26: Kevin Durant
OAKLAND, CA - JULY 26: Kevin Durant /

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant was ruthlessly roasted by former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning at The ESPYS on Wednesday night.

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The ESPYS are on the giant sports event every year that pays tribute to the year that was. While there are plenty of awards to be given out, there are plenty of jokes as well. That means that players are going to get roasted. Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant got roasted probably the hardest any athlete ever has in the history of the show.

As Peyton Manning was up on stage telling jokes to the crowd, he brought up the dominance of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team. He mentioned that they were so dominant last year, that Kevin Durant is going to jump ship and join them.

The hilarious joke didn’t seem to amuse Durant much, although his mother sat there laughing too. To make matters even more hilarious and awkward, Manning then turned to Russell Westbrook, who just sat their shaking his head.

Whether or not Durant is in on the joke remains to be seen, but he gave a stoic response to make sure no one knew what he was thinking. The vibe was that he didn’t enjoy the joke, but it’s clear that everyone else in the building did.

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If there’s one positive to come out of Manning’s joke, it’s that Durant’s face is quickly going to turn into a meme that is going to be used on the Internet for a very long time. If that’s not a gift from above to come out of the whole thing, then nothing is.

Even though the joke is overplayed, it worked well with the monologue and it’s always good for one to laugh within. After all, he was able to bring home an NBA Championship and Finals MVP. There’s nothing that should bother him at all.