Golden State Warriors: Five lineups we want to see next year

SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 8: Stephen Curry /
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Golden State Warriors
OAKLAND, CA – APRIL 19: Stephen Curry /

5. Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson-Patrick McCaw-Kevin Durant-Draymond Green

This is a modified Super Death Lineup/Hamptons 5 lineup.It’s not as lethal as the original–with Andre Iguodala on the floor instead of Patrick McCaw–but it can be something special. We need to see this lineup play together next year.

The Curry-Thompson-McCaw-Durant-Green lineup didn’t get much run last year. Normally, the rookie out of Las Vegas would replace one of the starters. Steve Kerr used his small ball lineup sparingly so, when he did go to it, he chose Andre Iguodala.

He needs to turn to this variation of it. There will be time throughout the regular season where Iguodala gets scheduled rest. Instead of turning to a proven veteran like Shaun Livingston, let McCaw get some run with the Core Four.

This is the future. While Iguodala is still extremely effective, they need to start preparing. In the biggest moments with the title on the line and LeBron James, presumably, on the other side, it should be the 2015 Finals MVP getting the bulk of the minutes. The regular season is a different story.

Iguodala will be a Warrior for three more years, but he is approaching his mid-30s with knee and back injuries. There’s no guarantee that he will maintain the same level of play throughout the entirety of his contract. Therefore the Warriors need to start preparing for the future.

McCaw will, hopefully, be Warrior for years to come. They clearly like him and he’s extremely talented. While he isn’t the exact same player as the super-sub and his physical attributes are not quite where Iguodala’s are, he seems like a natural replacement for him when he starts to decline.

Let McCaw gain more experience in high pressure situations. It’s important that, if he’s going to step into a larger role in the next year or two, that he learns how to play with the deadliest foursome in basketball history.