Golden State Warriors: Five lineups we want to see next year

SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 8: Stephen Curry /
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Golden State Warriors
CLEVELAND, OH – JUNE 07: Stephen Curry /

2. Stephen Curry-Patrick McCaw-Kevin Durant-Jordan Bell-Damian Jones

Having two MVPs is really fun. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to see their talents on full display. This unit would do that.

It’s impossible to win without a team. Basketball, more than any other sport, can be controlled by the top players. If you have a star and the other team doesn’t, you will win 99 percent of the time.

The Warriors have a lot of star power. In fact, they have more than any other team. They have the best duo in the league and, perhaps, ever.

Curry and Durant play within the Warriors’ system. They-espcially Curry-do this to a fault, sometimes. There are moments where they just need to take over.

This lineup of Curry, Durant, and three young players would do that. They would have to take over on their own. We might get a chance to see that great Curry-Durant pick-and-roll over and over again.

The more they shoot, the better it is for the team. They should already be taking most of the shots. This would force them to do it. While the Warriors don’t like to run a lot of isolation plays, there should be more of it. I’m not suggesting an entire systemic shift, but it would be fun to watch two of the three best players in the game just go to work.

Additionally, it would surely help the growth of some of the younger players. Pat McCaw, Damian Jones, and Jordan Bell would all learn by playing with two of the greatest to ever do it. The experience would be invaluable.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Steve Kerr is, at times, erratic and unpredictable with his lineups, I’d say that I’d bet everything I own that we’d never see this lineup. Still, there’s always the possibility (#StrengthInNumbers, am I right?). Despite that, it’s highly unlikely.

Watching Curry and Durant display their individual brilliance while helping the future of the team wouldn’t be the worst thing.