NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors were offered Paul George

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 5: Paul George /

According to Paul George on the latest Adrian Wojnarowski podcast, the Golden State Warriors worked on a trade to acquire him.

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If there is one constant that exists in sports, it’s pondering the “what if?” questions that exist. Well, that’s certainly going to be something discussed among the Golden State Warriors faithful for a while. On Thursday, the latest edition of Adrian Wojnarowski’s podcast, The Woj Pod ” dropped and it featured Paul George.

On the podcast, George mentioned that he thought there was a chance that he could have ended up with the Golden State Warriors via trade. He also seemed convince that a “Chris Paul” situation could have unfolded and had seen the league nix the deal.

George sounded intrigued by the situation to say the least.

Wojnarowski mentioned that the Pacers would have wanted Klay Thompson and that’s ultimately where discussions ended between the two sides. However, it’s yet another bombshell that the Warriors are part of.

If people thought the team was content with the roster as is being one of the best ever, it’s clear they’re trying to get even better. There’s no settling on the mind of Bob Myers with the way it’s currently constructed and the thought of George in a Warriors uniform would have been an interesting one.

It sure sounds like George would have openly welcomed the idea of being able to play for a championship in Golden State. Still, it’s hard to imagine what giving up Thompson might have done for the Warriors’ offense.

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There’s one interesting that can be pondered going forward out of this trade that never came to fruition — If the Warriors won’t trade Thompson for a surefire superstar like George, why would he leave in free agency down the line? Clearly the team is committed to keeping him if that’s the case and they aren’t afraid to spend whatever to keep their talent.

It’s a trade that didn’t happen, but the Warriors are clearly checking out every avenue possible to help out their team. If the NBA would have really nixed it will never be known, but it’s hard to see them nixing anything that saw Thompson heading out in return.