Golden State Warriors: Ranking the shooters

OAKLAND, CA - MARCH 7: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - MARCH 7: Stephen Curry /
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3. Kevin Durant

Here’s where the real debate begins when it comes to ranking the best shooters on the Golden State Warriors. It is subjective and each of the top three has a case to make for why they are the best shooter on the team.

When it comes to career field-goal percentage, Durant beats both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. However, when it comes to shooting from beyond the arc, Durant falls into the No. 3 slot overall among that group.

What does that tell us about Durant? Besides the fact he is an excellent shooter and one of the best, he can work his way in for better looks up close than the two guards likely are able to get down low.

The data backs that up as Durant shoots almost two-three more shots from within the three-point line than either Curry or Thompson do, whereas Curry and Thompson shoot way more threes and make it at a much more effective clip.

So if Curry and Thompson are more efficient on more shots from deep while Durant is a little less efficient, then that probably makes him the third of the group. Considering, Curry and Thompson are likely the two best shooters in the league, that’s nothing to complain about.