Golden State Warriors: Six plays that broke LeBron James’ spirit

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Stephen Curry /
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The Golden State Warriors have LeBron James panicking. Here are six plays that broke James’ spirit.

The Golden State Warriors have broken the mighty LeBron James. They have beaten him two of the last three years in the NBA Finals and show no signs of slowing down. Though he did beat them once, it’s possible that it’s the last time he wins a title.

While his legacy as one of the best ever is already cemented, he is in the final chapter of his career. Not because he can’t play basketball still, but rather, because the Warriors built something even more special than him–something that has sped up the process of his downfall. While he wants to chase Michael Jordan, he also has to chase the Warriors.

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After the Dubs dominated James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, they got better. They added Nick Young and Omri Casspi while the General Manager-less Cavs signed Jose Calderon and Jeff Green. It didn’t make the forward happy.

James is, reportedly, upset and concerned with the direction of the franchise. He doesn’t feel like his team did anything to significantly close the gap on the Warriors. James knows that he is in trouble.

It’s clear that the Warriors are in his head. He can’t stand that they are getting the attention he used to. It’s why he tweets when they play or posts strange Instagram videos during their parade.

Golden State has broken LeBron James. They have him absolutely shook. Here are six plays that exemplify that.