Golden State Warriors: Free agents still not brought back

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 15: JaVale McGee
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 15: JaVale McGee /
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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

JaVale McGee

The one free agent the Golden State Warriors could still bring back is JaVale McGee. The team took a chance on him, he earned his minutes and now he should be getting a contract somewhere in the NBA.

Unfortunately, the offers haven’t been there and McGee hasn’t gotten the money that he likely assumed he would have. After every team went crazy throwing money at big men last year, the center market has been dead this year.

In a game that promotes versatility and not the traditional center position like it once did, guys like McGee are going to have a tough time finding the jobs in the league that used to be there. If this continues to drag and he doesn’t have an offer, then maybe the Warriors and him can come to an agreement.

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It would a minimum deal and less than he was hoping for, but it’s a chance to bet on himself again and perhaps add another ring. Then he can try again in free agency next season and hope that some team in need of a center picks him up.

Golden State isn’t going to waste money on a piece that doesn’t fit the roster and increases the luxury tax bill. Luckily for McGee, backup center is the one spot that isn’t locked in stone and it might be the reason a reunion can happen.

Verdict: Maybe