Golden State Warriors: Some of the best tweets in wake of Kyrie Irving news

NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 25: Draymond Green
NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 25: Draymond Green /

The Golden State Warriors were included in a lot of tweets about Kyrie Irving’s trade request. Here are some of the best ones.

The Golden State Warriors are having a blast. They’re celebrating their second championship in three years. How can you not have fun the summer after getting that revenge?

Stephen Curry has been doing some high-profile golfing. Klay Thompson was in China cementing his status as a legend even further. Kevin Durant released a pretty cool YouTube film. Everyone is living life.

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Not every team in the Association is having as much fun as Golden State, though. The Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors’ last victim during their amazing postseason run, are in shambles. Curry and Durant left Northeast Ohio in ruins.

Kyrie Irving, reportedly, has requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. It set social media on fire. It was a huge bomb that Brian Windhorst’s fantastic reporting dropped on all of us.

Of course, Twitter always wins. So here are some of the best Warriors-related tweets that were sent in the wake of the Irving news and the Cavaliers’ implosion.

Warriorsworld saying what everyone in the NBA (including Marcus Morris) is afraid of:

Mary Babers-Green, Draymond’s amazing and outspoken, mom has a PhD in roasting. She managed to make fun of, both, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Writer of anything and everything, David Dennis Jr. continues to do great work by making us think. It makes sense, right?

ESPN’s Dan le Batard being insightful as ever with this elite social media post.

Julie Phayer, the Warriors’ social media manager, represented how we were all feeling yesterday with top-notch gif work.

Twitter user, Melo White, showed how difficult LeBron James’ task will be when he, likely, takes on the Warriors in next year’s NBA Finals, possibly without Irving.

I don’t mean to toot our own horn, but the BlueManHoop Twitter account has been absolutely fire. Check out some of this heat right here.

We can actually pinpoint the exact moment Irving decided being in Cleveland was no longer for him.

Who could forget all of the “Kyrie owns Steph” talk after the 2016 NBA Finals? Well, the tables have turned.

And, because our ego grows stronger everyday, I’m going to post another one of our tweets here. Promoting oneself isn’t bad when that promotion is entertaining and, I could be biased, but this tweet is hilarious (and honest).

Social media can be cruel, but funny and amazing as well. NBA Twitter is one of the best groups out there. They know how to turn everything into a joke.

The NBA is not ruined and it is far from boring. It’s never been better. Golden State’s dominance has paved the way for some really peculiar situations throughout the league.

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