Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry has an acting future

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 15: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 15: Stephen Curry /
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Golden State Warriors MVP guard Stephen Curry has already racked up some acting performances in 2017. Is it a sign of things to come?

While the Golden State Warriors have four superstars on their roster and each has completely different personalities, Stephen Curry is the face of the team. He’s the guy that is an ambassador of sorts and the moral compass of the team. He also has a little bit of Hollywood in him.

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As Curry and the Warriors keep winning championships and adding onto their legacies, the chance to build their personal brands is only going to increase. We have seen how much of the spotlight they have gotten already and it will only continue to get bigger.

Curry this year has gotten to hang with some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and has even done a little Broadway work. Oh, and he has also spent the time racking up some acting credits to his name.

He has had three cameo appearances on television, one of which could be considered a little more. He’s the focal point of the story currently for Ballers and his acting career is starting to blossom amid his NBA career.

Curry’s the perfect face of the team for these acting gigs and they likely aren’t going to slow down at all in the near future. Some roles have been funny and others a little more serious. Here’s a detailed look at Curry’s acting roles thus far in 2017.