Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry has an acting future

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 15: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 15: Stephen Curry /
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(Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images) /

3. The Simpsons

Stephen Curry’s first acting role of 2017 came during season 28 of The Simpsons. In the episode ‘22 for 30 ‘, Curry has a very minor role shooting a crumpled up paper basketball. It wasn’t much of a role, but to get on The Simpsons is a sign of making it for most celebrities.

The episode revolves around Bart as a rebellious basketball star in the style of an ESPN documentary. With a basketball episode on hand, having Curry star in this particular one was the right choice.

It was one of the more well received episodes of the season too. The show has had a knack for years for following popular trends and the 30 for 30 series by ESPN was a nice little parody featuring Bart as a star player.

Several NBA stars have appeared on the show over the past 28 seasons. Even Mark Cuban got his chance to have a role in an episode featuring Mr. Burns. This wasn’t the only animation appearance that Curry had for FOX’s animation domination block either.

Curry would also meet up with Peter Griffin and Pals in an episode of Family Guy. It was there where hilarity ensued.