Golden State Warriors: What a Nike ‘We Believe’ era jersey would look like (PHOTO)

OKLAHOMA CITY - JANUARY 31: Kevin Durant /

The Golden State Warriors will have four jerseys next year. Here’s one interpretation of what an alternate uniform would look like.

The NBA has a new deal with Nike. No longer will Adidas be making the league’s uniforms. The mega-corporation will be in charge of all of the Association’s apparel.

Already, Nike has released some early images. They showed a picture of a new Golden State Warriors jersey. The jersey featured lightweight material and an elevated logo. It also, of course, had the iconic swoosh.

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Nike announced that they would be doing away with the traditional home and road jerseys. Instead, teams will be have four jerseys that they can choose from. The home team will be allowed to select which one they want to wear on that night and the road team will have to contrast it.

It’s a new and interesting concept. It has people talking as they’re trying to figure out what Golden State’s alternates could possible look like. Some have taken it a step further and put their photo editing wizardry to use by coming up with mock-ups.

Check out this amazing edit from Ryan Hurst, who works in Social Media design at Bleacher Report.

Hurst edited Kevin Durant into one of the “We Believe” era jerseys. The 2017 Finals MVP is rocking the home white with the “Warriors” script across the chest and orange down the side. Of course, there are two Nike swooshes on the uniform.

The Warriors wore that jersey from 2002-2010. Golden State did not have much luck in it, but they did have one iconic playoff run that has made the uniform last. For many–myself included–those uniforms represent our first exposure to the team and the time when we fell in love with the squad.

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These jerseys are started to hit shelves again in the form of a Stephen Curry throwback. The two-time MVP wore that jersey in his rookie year. The Warriors went 26-56 that season. It’s safe to say that if Nike and Golden State were to bring this uniform back, they would win a few more games than they did a decade ago.

What do you guys think? Should they bring these back?