Golden State Warriors: 15 forgotten players in franchise history

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 5: DeMarcus Nelson
OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 5: DeMarcus Nelson /
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The Golden State Warriors are a team loaded with superstars. They also used to be a team with a bunch of players everyone has surely forgotten by now.

When looking at the Golden State Warriors, it’s easy to get lost in the amount of talent they have on the roster. With four superstars and four future Hall of Famers on the team if not more, this is one of the most special rosters in league history.

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However, the Warriors haven’t always had the best rosters and certainly had their lean years. Even in good years, they have had players at the bottom of the roster that were fringe league players at best.

Every team has those, as the final spots on the roster are always next to impossible to fill out with talent that can contribute in some fashion. Bob Myers is sort of bucking that trend, as just about every player on the current roster can step in.

The great thing about forgotten players of the past is the ability to drive nostalgia. Even the ones that didn’t play can make people remember much simpler times, when the big question was whether or not the team would win 30 games.

These players might often be forgotten by fans and the fact that they once put on a Warriors uniform, but that’s what makes them special. It’s great bar trivia and a way to discuss the old times with pals.

These 15 players certainly won’t be remembered for their time in Golden State. Still, they once put on the uniform and that makes them a part of team history whether it was a good season or a bad one.