Golden State Warriors: 15 forgotten players in franchise history

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 5: DeMarcus Nelson
OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 5: DeMarcus Nelson /
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OAKLAND, CA – FEBRUARY 21: Jermareo Davidson
OAKLAND, CA – FEBRUARY 21: Jermareo Davidson /

10. Jermareo Davidson

Jermareo Davidson is a tale of a player that got an extended look after two 10-day contracts. There are plenty of players in the league that will get one 10-day contract with a team and then their time is up.

Davidson managed to get two of those contracts and then signed for the rest of the year in 2009. Golden State thought they had something in him until they ultimately waived him later that summer.

The big man might not have had much for the NBA, but he was a was a quality player overseas. Perhaps it’s the difference among leagues and the way that the game is played here compared to elsewhere, but he was a much different man overseas.

This forgotten players list could easily encompass all guys that have been brought in on 10-day contracts. It goes to show just how valuable it is for a player to get a chance to impress the club into keeping them. Davidson did enough and then didn’t. That’s just how life goes in professional sports.