Golden State Warriors: 15 forgotten players in franchise history

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 5: DeMarcus Nelson
OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 5: DeMarcus Nelson /
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OAKLAND, CA – DECEMBER 2: Rodney Carney
OAKLAND, CA – DECEMBER 2: Rodney Carney /

8. Rodney Carney

While a lot of players that end up being forgotten came via 10-day contracts and were never hear of again, some do sign contracts in the offseason. Rodney Carney was one of those players that had accrued enough time in the league to be considered a veteran.

Nothing he had done with the Philadelphia 76ers or Minnesota Timberwolves was really that exciting and he didn’t end up lasting a full season with the Warriors. That would be near the end of his NBA run too.

After a stint with the Memphis Grizzlies, his career would see him bounce around the world and the D-League. Some guys that are able to stick initially end up losing their spot in the league quickly if they aren’t able to make enough of an impact.

The Warriors really had some lean years before this current run and the former first-round pick certainly fits the forgotten category. Fortunately for him, he still gets to play the game that he loves, even if it isn’t currently in the NBA.