Stephen Curry’s NBA 2K rating should have been higher

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Stephen Curry /

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors’ superstar, should be ranked higher in NBA 2K.

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the entire NBA. There’s a small (and, often, loud) minority that tries to discredit him, but they’re wrong. His resumé and highlight tape speak for themselves.

He’s a two-time MVP and a two-time champion. He’s the best shooter to ever step onto a basketball court. He’s the most intimidating offensive force in the Association today.

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What Curry does defies logic. His combination of jaw-dropping threes, dazzling dribble moves, and acrobatic finishes is special. His skill set is something you can’t even replicate in video games.

Still, NBA 2K tries. And they do a good job. They have the best basketball game in the world and, arguably, the best overall sports video game.

Early rankings have been released for some players and Curry is ranked a 94. By comparison, Kevin Durant is ranked 96. Kyrie Irving is a 90, Paul George is a 91, and Karl-Anthony Towns is a 91.

Heading into NBA 2k17, Curry was ranked 94. This is after his unanimous MVP selection and poor NBA Finals. So nothing has changed after one season.

Durant’s starting ranking last year was 93. This season–after missing a significant portion of the year and some of the postseason–it’s a 96. This comes after an incredible Finals performance in which he was named the MVP of the series for dominating LeBron James.

So it looks like 2K values the NBA Finals, on some level. Curry just had an amazing series in which he nearly averaged a triple-double. His numbers might have been more gaudy, especially compared to Durant’s, had the Cleveland Cavaliers not opted to double team him off the ball and let Durant get wide open dunks in the lane.

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Curry should be higher. While 94 is nothing to be ashamed of, he should be at least one or two ticks higher. When Durant went down with injury, he played like the MVP again. He carried that momentum into the playoffs where he was absolutely spectacular.

Ultimately, Curry has room to grow. The game offers updates throughout the season. Still, his starting ranking should be higher.