Golden State Warriors: Dahntay Jones is salty and irrelevant

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 16: Dahntay Jones
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 16: Dahntay Jones /

The Golden State Warriors have been on the receiving end of several of Dahntay Jones’ unwarranted and cheap attacks. He’s just salty.

Dahntay Jones is about as irrelevant as any NBA player can be. His claim to fame is that LeBron James pays his fines and that he’s a notoriously dirty player. Except, he can’t even get on the court to be dirty.

Jones has a little bit of a history with the Golden State Warriors. As a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, he had a bit of beef with Draymond Green. Of course, the Warriors’ All-Star shut that down before it turned into anything.

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After a Christmas Day win at the expense of the Clippers, Green was giving a postgame interview on the court. In the middle of the interview, Jones walked by and bumped Green. It was clearly intentional as the Los Angeles benchwarmer had plenty of room to walk around.

Green roasted him at a later time. He made fun of the fact that Jones had to find some way to get on TV because he didn’t play and the bench didn’t celebrate in the blowout loss for the Clippers. He added that a Jones suspension would mean nothing while a Green suspension would significantly hurt his team.

This happened at the height of the Warriors-Clippers rivalry. That has died out and Jones moved from one bench to the other. The last two years, he’s been suiting up for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He’s played in two regular season games over the last two seasons. He has averaged 3.3 minutes per game in the playoffs. He isn’t important to what the Cavaliers do, acting as an enforcer that barks more than he bites.

Still, he has a history of being dirty. His most notable moment in the NBA came when he was defending Kobe Bryant and he jumped under him. It wasn’t like the Zaza Pachulia-Kawhi Leonard play or most of Bruce Bowen’s plays–there was no room for interpretation here. Jones didn’t give Bryant any room to land and injured the Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar.

On the rare chance he gets into a game, you have to be careful. He’s going to be looking to injure someone. He tried during the 2017 NBA Finals.

He entered Game 2 of the Finals. It was the fourth quarter of a blowout. With just a few minutes left, the Cavaliers emptied the bench, but the Warriors hadn’t yet. He threw Stephen Curry down for no particular reason.

He then got to watch as Curry and the Warriors celebrated their second championship in three years. But that wasn’t enough for him. He’s back at it again.

Jones joined a Barstool Sports podcast and told them that he doesn’t think Curry is a Top 10 player in the NBA. He’s absolutely wrong and it’s a ridiculous idea to have. The two-time MVP is a top three player in the league and, even if you don’t believe that, it’s nearly undeniable that he’s Top 10.

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Jones is salty. For whatever reason, he has an agenda against the Warriors. And it’s fine. It’s pretty clear that he’s not someone that should be taken seriously. The former-Cavalier does anything to get some attention.

He can say whatever he wants to say. Curry’s resumé speaks for itself.