The Stephen Curry Slander needs to stop

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Stephen Curry /

Another week, more Stephen Curry slander. Here’s why all of that needs to come to an immediate end.

Earlier this week, Cavaliers benchwarmer Dahntay Jones said Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry was not in the top 10 of NBA players and said he was “probably 11 or 12.” A pretty ridiculous take from a player who has had his fines paid by LeBron James and makes a measly $127 per game. It is also ridiculous to call a player of Curry’s caliber, a two-time MVP and now two-time NBA Champion.

From Jones to other players to analysts, lay off the Curry slander for a while. He is not a two-time MVP and champion for nothing. All of the work he puts in on the court translates to off the court with his brand, Under Armor and other endorsements and foundations such as the Nothing But Nets foundation for preventing malaria for people living in Tanzania.

Sure, he might miss a shot at the end of the game, but that does not mean he “choked.” It simply means he missed. Everyone misses shots, even the greatest of shooters miss shots.

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People, from fans to analysts and reporters slander or criticize him because he is on his way to being one of the greatest players in the game. Fans of other teams despise Curry because he lights up their team with that sweet shooting stroke and nice ball handling ability.

It is not just the shooting stroke, but also the way he shimmies after a shot or turns around when the shot is in the air that make fans of other teams hate him. All of that extra stuff he does after he shoots should be a reason that fans should like him because he’s just having fun when he plays. Curry isn’t that serious-faced player like Jordan or Kobe, but rather a cherubic-looking guy whose fun is making fun of the opponent.

Fans of other teams don’t necessarily “hate” Curry. They are jealous of what he has become: a regular-sized guy who can shoot the lights out of the gym and transform any gym into his own personal playground.

They are jealous of what he has done: turn a bottom-feeding franchise into a powerhouse all with a couple of flicks with his golden wrist. Five other teams had a chance to draft the scrawny kid out of Davidson, but they didn’t want him, opening the door for Larry Riley, then-general manager of the Warriors to snatch up Curry.

Curry is one of the most transcendent players to ever step onto a basketball court. His range stretches defenses to their limits. His shooting stroke has transcended the game with high school and AAU players shooting from way beyond the three point line.

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It has not just revolutionized the younger generation, but also how offenses in the NBA are run. There are more three point shooters. The volume of three point shooting has increased mainly because of Curry. The NBA would not be where it is today with long-range snipers and stretch-fours and fives without the ascension and transcendence of Curry.

Fans, analysts, all I ask is for you to stop the Curry slander. Appreciate the greatness of a truly once in a generation type player, who transcends the game outside of its natural boundaries, sacrifices for the good of the franchise and is not too controlling of a player. Give Steph some freakin’ credit.