Breaking down Kevin Durant and Lil Dicky’s LeBron Debate

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 9: Kevin Durant
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 9: Kevin Durant /
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LD further explains

LD is unlikely intending to suggest James should invoke the no-trade clause, but rather that James should leave next summer. A topic the media is already busy trying to speculate about as FanSided’s King James Gospel discusses in the shadow of more current team drama with Kyrie Irving’s trade demand.

LD is also suggesting Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert should not let LeBron walk away a 2nd time.  Durant had just equated this to the unthinkable.  But unthinkable doesn’t seem to apply to Gilbert. USA Today’s Charles Curtis brings a new light to Glibert’s  publically shaming letter in response to James’ departure with “The Decision” to take his talents to the Miami Heat in 2010.

And this is precisely what LD alleges to. James ought to be fed up with Gilbert at this point.  And James’ lone championship in Cleveland would be enough for permanent immunity there even if he leaves again.

Durant agrees to disagree

Durant admits that LD has some merit in his previous tweet about NBA owners in general, but that there is a caveat in the specifics of James.

Leaving in free agency put a little more taste of blame on the player, versus a team initiating a trade.

And what if such a move were to be popularized against the owner, and not the player? Especially with this generational calibre of a player, carrying so much weight of a franchise.  It could bring with it a chunk of the fanbase too.

Just imagine if James had been traded reluctantly to Miami in 2010 instead.