Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry is right about Colin Kaepernick

SACRAMENTO, CA - FEBRUARY 04: Stephen Curry /

Golden State Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry voiced his support for Colin Kaepernick and said that he deserves to be on an NFL roster.

Stephen Curry, once again, showed his support for Colin Kaepernick. He told the Charlotte Observer that he doesn’t believe there are 64 better quarterbacks than Kaepernick. The former-San Francisco 49ers quarterback has not been signed by a team.

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Kaepernick’s protests have kept him off an NFL roster. There’s no way around it. When he decided to take a knee and start a conversation that people were uncomfortable having, he sealed his fate. From Commissioner Roger Goodell to the owners to the fans, much of the NFL community has priorities that are out of order.

In the eyes of the National Football League, domestic violence is more permissible than having a conversation about racial inequality. Abusing women is fine as long as you weren’t smoking marijuana while doing it. The lives and the well-being of the players only matter as long as they’re falling into line with everyone else.

Curry is absolutely right: there are not 64 quarterbacks who can play football better than a 29-year-old who played in an NFC Championship game three years ago. Throughout the offseason, that became a major talking point for those who opposed Kaepernick’s stance. They argued a guy that was five yards away from winning a Super Bowl just isn’t good enough.

Week 1 proved that. Tom Savage is not better than Kaepernick. Neither is Scott Tolzien who failed when starting in place of the injured Andrew Luck. And, surely, Kaepernick could not have done worse than Andy Dalton, who had five turnovers and scored 0 points for a team with weapons like AJ Green and Tyler Eifert. Would the New York Jets be worse off with him on the roster?

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I have no idea if Kaepernick will be on an NFL roster ever again. He belongs on one. Curry knows this and perhaps his voice will put pressure on the league’s owners. If not, then he and his fans can continue fighting knowing that he lost his job for justice.

It’s unlikely that Curry or any of his Golden State Warriors teammates will take up a protest like Kaepernick’s. The champs have been outspoken about a variety of issues in the world, which is good. Individuals with that kind of influence should continue to use their voice.