Stephen Curry is an athlete we can all be proud of

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 4: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 4: Stephen Curry /

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors’ superstar, is an incredible basketball player, but his willingness to take a stand should make us all proud.

Stephen Curry is incredible. He’s a special basketball talent. There isn’t much he hasn’t done on the court.

Curry is a two-time champion. He’s a two-time MVP, one of which was the league’s first unanimous selection. He’s the greatest shooter ever.

Curry has changed the way the game of basketball has been played. He changed the culture in Golden State and has the Warriors on the verge of creating the most dominant dynasty the NBA has ever seen. His brand of basketball is unique in its combination of otherworldly flash and unparalleled efficiency.

I could continue to list Curry’s accolades. I could write 1,000 words on what makes him a Hall of Fame basketball player. I could write another 1,000 words about how he’s revolutionized hoops.

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Steph Curry is my favorite athlete ever. I’ve followed his entire career. I’ve stuck with him during the lows, from his early career injury problems all the way up to his historic Game 7 collapse. I’ve been there celebrating all the great moments along with him (from my couch), from his first triple-double to his second championship.

Nothing he will do on a court will make me as proud as he did when he decided to take a stand for something bigger than basketball. That is true greatness. It takes courage to use your platform to do the right thing when you run the risk of harming your career and well-being.

I have always been proud to call myself a Stephen Curry fan. Yesterday was a big deal. Yesterday sparked something big. The whole world–especially the sports world–stopped to hear what Curry had to say. And, eventually, everyone responded to his message.

His message isn’t original, but when it comes from his voice, it’s powerful. Everything he’s done on a basketball court has given him that platform. And he used it in a manner that should make every single fan of his proud.

His work with Nothing But Nets has always been inspiring. To see that idea turn into legitimate action is pretty awesome. He has the chance to do that here, turning ideas of resisting against injustices into action, like declining a White House visit.

When Curry talks, people listen. He has Donald Trump and the world’s attention. He has LeBron James’ support. He can help bring about change.

I’m happy that I get to have the chance to watch Steph Curry’s career. Not only because he has made my hometown team a championship squad, but because he’s an awesome human being. I’m extremely proud to call myself a fan of his.

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But even if you’re not a fan of him as a basketball player, be a fan of Steph Curry the person. Help him get his message out even more. Stand with him.

Steph Curry can win ten more championships, but choosing to be on the right side of history–the side that fights for equality and justice–is better and bigger than any three-pointer he could ever hit.