Golden State Warriors: 2017/18 Pacific Division Preview

OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 12:Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 12:Stephen Curry /
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PHOENIX, AZ – NOVEMBER 27: Andre Iguodala
PHOENIX, AZ – NOVEMBER 27: Andre Iguodala /

Phoenix Suns

Finally, we wrap up this Pacific Division preview with the Phoenix Suns. For the Suns, the only way is up, after finishing last in the Western Conference in 2016/17. The Suns, like the Kings and Lakers, boat future star potential. After years of having lottery picks, that’s to be expected. The Suns finally look to have some direction, and if point guard Eric Bledsoe can stay healthy, the Suns could be one of the league’s surprise teams.

The Suns have had a rough few years, plagued by injuries and the loss of stars such as Isaiah Thomas and Goran Dragić. However, the Suns have performed well in the draft recently, with prodigies such as Devin Booker and Josh Jackson shaping up to be strong contributors. The squad, is still a few solid pieces off playoff contention, but, they’re heading in the right direction. The 2017/18 season should see the Suns make a few more small improvements on their way to future contention.

The Warriors will squash the Suns 4-0. The Suns aren’t a team which pose any threats to the Warriors just yet, however they may be able to keep a game or two close. The Suns won’t be an obstacle for the Warriors on the road to back-to-back Championships this season.

Season Prediction:

The Suns will improve slightly this season to finish with a record of 27-55. This will push the Suns up to 14th place in the West.

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