Golden State Warriors: 4 goals for Stephen Curry this upcoming season

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Cut down turnovers

Stephen Curry has a knack for the spectacular. He’s one of the flashiest players this league has ever seen. He makes highlight plays look easy.

Whether it’s dribbling through multiple defenders or throwing no-look passes, he loves to go for the big play. Those types of plays shift momentum and he knows it. If he can fit the ball into a tight window or cross over his defender, then he can energize his team and demoralize his opponent.

But then there are times where he gets a wild hair up his nose. He can try to do too much, even when the stakes are the highest. Every Warriors fan still has nightmares of Curry’s errant left-handed behind-the-back pass to Klay Thompson that sailed out of bounds in the fourth quarter of Game 7 of the NBA Finals–I know I do.

Curry is generally towards the top in turnover totals. That happens for several reasons, some of which are out of his control. He has the ball a lot and the Warriors play at a fast pace that generally leads to high turnover rates.

Sometimes it’s just him. Steve Kerr has said that he wants the Warriors to improve their passing. That includes Curry.

Curry took care of the ball in the preseason. He had just five turnovers in four games. If he can take can bring down his turnover average to less than three per game–something he has only done once in his career–then he and the team will perform much more efficiently.