Golden State Warriors heavily featured in LeBron James’ new Nike ad

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 7: Kevin Durant
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 7: Kevin Durant /

The Golden State Warriors are heavily featured in LeBron James’ new Nike ad.

LeBron James can’t help but think about the Golden State Warriors. Can you really blame him though? His legacy is now tied to that team. He can only catch Michael Jordan if the Warriors let him.

James has played the Warriors three times in the NBA Finals. He has lost to them twice. James could play out the rest of his career without winning another because of the Warriors.

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Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are his fiercest rivals. James doesn’t get out of bed to play hard against any other team. He always has them on his mind, as evidenced by a good number of his actions and words.

With the new season starting, James is preparing to coast through 82 games and the first few rounds of the playoffs. His eyes are on the Golden State Warriors. The team knows it. We know. Nike knows it.

James’ shoe company is also preparing for the season and they’ve released a new commercial in which the Warriors are heavily featured.

Nike got the amazing Idris Elba to narrate this ad. Once the action starts, it’s clear that they the marketing team wanted everyone to know who James’ greatest foe is. They put together a series of highlights of his against Golden State, including his Game 7 block on Andre Iguodala in the 2016 Finals.

There are highlights of other teams. He is dunking against the Atlanta Hawks, a team that he’s done battle with last year. Still, it’s not nearly as glaring as the amount of Golden State footage.

It’s understandable and a great strategy. No word yet on if Kevin Durant’s upcoming ad will be a loop of his Game 3 shot over James for one minute.