Golden State Warriors: Draymond Green responds to Texans owner comments

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 25: Draymond Green
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 25: Draymond Green /

The Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green responded thoughtfully to the “inmate” comment made by Houston Texans owner Bob McNair.

The Golden State Warriors organization encourages everyone to speak their mind. They’re the defending champions, but that accomplishment pales in comparison to their work off the court. The Warriors have been outspoken about a number of issues and they’ve gotten it right.

Draymond Green is a guy who always has an opinion. Thankfully, he plays for a team and in a league that wants players–especially stars–to speak up. He’s doing it again.

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair made an incredibly stunning and insensitive statement about the protests that have been occurring during the national anthem. The NFL’s owners met with league executives to discuss whether or not they’ll allow individuals to exercise their First Amendment rights. ESPN reported that he said, “we can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

That’s racist. He later apologized, saying that he didn’t intend to use that choice of words or infer anything racially insensitive. Don’t buy it.

Green responded to McNair’s comment both on social media and during his availability. Here’s his Instagram post:

Here’s the video of Green’s statements in response to the original comment and people’s comments on his social media post.

Green is not going to hold back. Regardless of how you feel about him as a player, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year always gives a thoughtful response. His intelligence can never be questioned.

The Warriors have taken it upon themselves to be leaders in a time that so desperately needs them. Their biggest battle was in opposition to Donald Trump, after announcing that they wouldn’t be visiting the White House. Trump would then attack Stephen Curry.

Green’s response is a strong one from one of basketball’s biggest figures.