Golden State Warriors: The Los Angeles Lakers could be a problem soon enough

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 29: Brandon Ingram
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 29: Brandon Ingram /

The Golden State Warriors don’t have to be worried or concerned about the Los Angeles Lakers right now, but they could be a problem soon enough.

The Golden State Warriors don’t really have to worry about the Los Angeles Lakers right now. Sure, the Dubs always put up an absolute stinker in Staples Center when the purple and gold play there. That doesn’t mean the there are real basketball concerns there.

The Warriors are concerned with winning championships right now. That means they are focused on staying healthy for the playoffs and devising a gameplan to stop some of the greatest players in the league, especially LeBron James. That’s what their focus is on.

The Lakers are not a team that they will have to face on their way to their fourth straight NBA Finals appearance. As presently constructed, they will be a lottery team once again. They are young, inexperienced, and don’t have any top-tier talent.

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The Warriors’ narrow overtime victory was a product of two factors. The first (and most important) is that Golden State is bored right now and trips to Los Angeles are, generally, are filled with non-basketball activities. The second, though, is that the Lakers are building something.

Luke Walton is learning how to develop talent, growing along with his team. They have young players who can develop into something dangerous. They play in Los Angeles a place that can be alluring for big free agents.

Brandon Ingram has seriously improved. Jordan Clarkson is a personal favorite of mine. Kyle Kuzma is a rookie with veteran footwork and the skillset to be a legitimate force in the modern game.

Lonzo Ball has fantastic vision and what looks to be a good work ethic, something that will come in handy if he wants to tweak his jumper. Larry Nance Jr. is incredibly athletic. Julius Randle is expanding his game and learning how to take control more than ever before.

Ingram probably won’t reach Kevin Durant level, but he can be solid. The rest of those guys will continue to get better. If there’s a good enough core in place, it could convince a big name free agent to help lead that team to bigger and better things.

While the sexy name to attach to the Lakers is LeBron James, the more likely partnership is Paul George. The length and tenacity of a George-led team would be something that would bother a lot of squads in the league. They would be able to switch everything and have a legitimate star.

The Pacific Division is currently Golden State and everyone else. The Los Angeles Clippers have sputtered and might have to blow it up soon. The Lakers can gain some ground in a constantly-changing Western Conference.

The Lakers aren’t a team that the Warriors have to be too worried about right now because they aren’t a playoff team. If they continue to develop and attract a big name free agent, then they’ll pop up on Golden State’s radar soon enough.